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Securely transfer your data at high speeds with a private network connection to and from our cloud with Wasabi Direct Connect.

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The internet can be scary slow

Transferring large amounts of data over the public internet isn’t always reliable and can open up unnecessary risks for attacks. Plus, uncontrollable factors like your location or the time of day can result in slow connections and high-latency data transfers.  

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Secure and swift data transfer

Unlock greater potential for growth while enjoying the security of having your storage infrastructure at your fingertips.  

Wasabi Direct Connect is ideal for teams seeking private, secure, and high-bandwidth connectivity with fixed monthly transport pricing. Choose between N x 1, 10, or 100 Gbps speeds.   

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High bandwidth

No need to share here because your connection belongs to you and only you.

Low latency

Speed up transfers so you can get up and running quickly.

Private connection

Reduce the potential for successful attacks by avoiding the public internet. 

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Enhanced performance

  • Choose from N x 1, 10 or 100 Gbps options  

  • Move data-intensive assets with ease  

  • Achieve cost saving sooner 

Private connection

  • Predictable bandwidth 

  • Reduce latency with a customized network experience  

  • Bypass low-speed internet connections 

Reliable data security

  • Inflight security with HTTPS 

  • Isolated connectivity direct from your data center  

  • Data encrypted prior to transferring and at rest 

Uninterrupted access to cloud fabric storage

Wasabi delivers flexible connectivity options so that your organization can reliably connect to Wasabi storage regions. 

Wasabi Dedicated Direct Connect

A dedicated, private connection to one of our storage facilities for the most secure access to your hot cloud storage 

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Direct Connect

Enjoy peace of mind for uninterrupted hot cloud storage

Accelerate your journey to the cloud with a secure, private, high-speed connection to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. 

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