Wasabi Ball

Cut Data Transfer Times and High Network Costs

Our fast, easy, and economical bulk transfer appliance helps you bypass challenges of large-scale cloud migration. 

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A better way to migrate

Meet Wasabi Ball, an enterprise data transfer appliance that offers secure and efficient transfer of large datasets to Wasabi.  

Skip costly network upgrades, data build-ups, slow internet speeds, and security concerns with our easy-to-use migration tool. 

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Save time, money, and effort with Wasabi Ball

The Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance lets you move large datasets to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively. 

 Easy and powerful

  • Choose from multiple interfaces for plug-and-play simplicity 

  • Transfer up to 250 TB per appliance  

  • Overcome low-speed internet connections 

Pays for itself

  • Achieve cost savings sooner  

  • Minimize operational expenses  

  • Eliminate additional network costs 

Trusted data security

  • Benefit from AES 256-bit encryption  

  • Encrypt data prior to transferring  

  • Choose volume-based encryption 

Case Study

Preserving crucial history with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

When Entre Technologies needed to move a culture center’s historical data to cloud storage, it couldn’t wait for lousy internet service to upload the dataset. The Wasabi Ball became Entre’s go-to strategy for seamless, cost-efficient file transfer.

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“Wasabi’s storage management options are a game changer, and having data transfer availability with Wasabi Ball was perfect – it made my life easier.”

John Drake, account manager – Entre Technologies

Migrate to Wasabi in 3 simple steps

Migrating to the industry’s most affordable and highest-performing cloud storage service just got a whole lot easier.

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Step 1: Order

Order the Wasabi Ball through a simple form or by emailing our sales team

Step 2: Upload

Connect Wasabi Ball to your local network and load it up using our simple interface. Your data is encrypted automatically. 

Step 3: Let us take it from here

Return your Wasabi Ball to us, and when we receive it, we’ll upload your data to your Wasabi storage bucket(s) and securely erase the device. 

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