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Switch Clouds, Quickly and Easily, with No Downtime or Egress Fees

Migrate your data to Wasabi from any cloud object storage and unlock its full potential. 

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Take your data to new heights

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Why keep it locked away in expensive cloud services that make you pay even more to access it? Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager provides a seamless migration for a safe, secure transition into a more predictable cloud infrastructure. 

Avoid vendor lock-in

Say goodbye to unfair egress fees and change clouds whenever you like.

Reduce costs and complexity

Streamline migration from any S3-compliant private or public cloud service, with no downtime for your operations.

Protect your data

Easily configure storage parameters to optimize cost and security, increasing performance across locations and protecting against breaches, natural disasters, and other interruptions.

Start saving on cloud storage today

At just pennies per GB to migrate, and savings up to 80% compared to AWS S3, Azure Hot, and Google Cloud Platform, most customers see an ROI in as little as 60 days. We’ll even pay your egress fees!

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Case Study

OSIT sees rapid ROI and cost savings with data migration to Wasabi

The Australian IT services company could no longer keep up with self-hosted, private cloud as their data backup services grew. Using Cloud Sync Manager, OSIT seamlessly migrated to the Wasabi cloud to ensure their clients’ data remained accessible and affordable.

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It was a no-brainer to use the Cloud Sync Manager. With the cost savings of moving to Wasabi from our private cloud backups, it ensures that we can keep our backup pricing for our clients competitive without the need to pass on significant and increasing costs related to public cloud storage, hardware, and labor overheads into the future.

Chris Hanson, CTO – OSIT

Streamline your workflows

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager makes migration faster, easier, and more efficient. 


High speed file transfer capabilities and WAN optimization functions allow you to rapidly move massive datasets. 

High performance architecture

Serverless compute, automation services, and auto scaling mechanisms enable streamlined migrations. 

Single administrative interface

Configure storage parameters, set up workflows, and move data between storage buckets, all in one intuitive interface that offers customizable dashboards and built-in pricing analytics. 

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