Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) combines business processes and IT infrastructure to protect an organization’s data against data loss, such as downtime caused by a natural disaster or cyber-attack. Disaster recovery is an important aspect of an organization’s business continuity plan, entailing more formal processes for replicating data to a secondary location and recovering an entire system or site. Now that Cloud Storage 2.0 is here, it no longer makes sense to save data to tape and move the tape to a salt mine, where it’s difficult and time-consuming to retrieve, when you can simply back it up to Wasabi where it’s available online 24/7.

Planning for disaster recovery with Wasabi

As businesses continue to extend their on-premises IT to reach multiple clouds, mobile networks, and far-flung end devices, the distinction between backup and disaster recovery is shrinking. And with the advent of hot cloud storage, businesses have an inexpensive, easily accessible tool to aid in the backups that contribute to their overall disaster recovery and business continuity plans. It’s a simple matter to back up files frequently to a secondary location (improving RPO) where they are immediately accessible should a disaster strike (improving RTO).

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