Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

What is a recovery time objective (RTO)?

One of the major components of any cloud-based disaster recovery plan is Recovery Time Objective, or simply “RTO.” Alongside RPO (Recovery Point Objective), RTO is a key metric that all organizations must consider when developing an appropriate disaster recovery plan. RTO is measured in terms of how long a business can survive following a disaster before operations can be restored to normal.

For example, an enterprise-level organization might have an RTO of 24 hours several years ago, meaning their business can successfully maintain operations for at least 24 hours without access to its normal data and infrastructure before incurring irreparable harm.

Wasabi’s cloud-based RTO solutions

In today’s fast-paced, constantly online business landscape, empowering our customers to meet their RTOs in the event of a disaster remains a major priority of Wasabi. Still, we know that being adequately prepared for the huge variety of potential disaster recovery scenarios across desktops, laptops, on-prem servers, virtual servers, or the public cloud can seem like an overwhelming prospect - and without the right solutions at your disposal, it can be.

Fortunately, with Wasabi’s various backup and replication solutions, our customers get optimal peace of mind knowing they’ll always receive fast, flexible, and reliable data recovery options. We provide a modern cloud storage solution for simple yet secure recovery, making Wasabi ideal for backing up and recovering mission-critical data. All of this, and at a fraction of the cost of our leading cloud storage competitors.

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