Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

What is a Recovery Point Objective (RPO)?

The phrase “Recovery Point Objective” (or simply “RPO”) concerns the amount of volume/amount of data lost in cases of service downtime or disaster scenarios. Along with an organization’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO), RPO is a critical metric that all businesses should consider when planning ahead for disaster recovery, specifically in regards to remaining operational during the time of disaster.

Wasabi’s RPO Cloud Backup & Recovery Solutions

To provide a bit more context, RPO is the exact measurement of the maximum possible amount of data that can be lost during a disaster before irreparable damage is caused to the organization. Fortunately, with Wasabi, organizations now have a way to back up their files quickly and securely to a secondary location to significantly improve their RPO. In addition, those files will remain immediately accessible in the event of a disaster, simultaneously improving RTO. So, whenever you choose to back up your data with Wasabi hot cloud storage, you’re guaranteed an easy and affordable method of making sure your critical data is replicated, securely stored, and immediately available whenever you need it. Related Links: