Don't Get Deleted by Your Cloud Keeper

Thu Jun 06 2024By Robert Callaghan

Have you ever heard the tale of the pension fund that vanished into the cloud of ether? No? Gather 'round, friends, for a cautionary story that'll have you clutching your digital assets tighter than a gold prospector in a dust storm. 

It seems like a big name in cloud storage (think those guys with enough servers to house all the world's cat videos) accidentally destroyed a pension fund's entire cloud account. Poof! Gone. Vanished into the ether without a trace, like the fleeting breeze on the digital ocean. 

Luckily for our pensioner pals, they had the foresight to back up their data with another, more reliable cloud storage solution, like Wasabi. (Alas, they never identified their savior.)  

Here’s why Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is your best bet when it comes to cloud storage solutions: 

  • Built for Backups (and Everything Else): Unlike those other guys with their confusing tier systems (hot, cold, lukewarm?), Wasabi offers one tier of performant, ultra-reliable storage. Think of it as the cloud equivalent of a sturdy steel bank vault – everything’s secure and readily accessible, no matter how often you need it. 

  • Disaster Recovery Done Right: Accidents happen, even in the cloud. Wasabi’s here to ensure your data doesn’t become a casualty. With our redundant, geographically distributed storage, a little oopsie-daisy from your cloud provider won’t leave you crying into your virtual server console. 

  • Cost-Effective Cloud, Y’all: At Wasabi, we believe in saving you money and your data. Our simple pricing structure means you won’t get hit with hidden fees or egress charges (that’s fancy talk for the fees for getting your data out). Just one predictable price for all your storage needs. 

  • Security So Tight, It’d Make Fort Knox Blush: We take your data safety seriously. Wasabi cloud data centers are SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant. Wasabi is HIPAA-compliant and GDPR-ready, which means we have more security measures than a high-stakes poker game. 

So, ditch the cloud storage amnesia and make Wasabi your partner in data crime prevention. We'll keep your data safe, sound, and readily accessible while saving you a buck (or two or tens of thousands). 

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage: Losing your data shouldn’t be part of your cloud storage plan. 

P.S. Need a little extra convincing? Start a free trial and see for yourself why Wasabi's the best cloud storage solution this side of the Mississippi (or anywhere else, for that matter). 

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