Cloud Storage 2.0

What is Cloud Storage 2.0?

While Cloud Storage 1.0 represents the first wave of what we now consider legacy-enterprise cloud vendors, Cloud Storage 2.0 is defined by the next generation of cloud storage options that reduce cloud storage pricing and increase performance by leveraging the latest technologies that didn't exist before.

A brief history of cloud storage 2.0

More than a decade ago, Cloud Storage 1.0 began the migration from on-premises to cloud implementations, and this began with what were then cutting-edge storage, computing, and network capabilities. Over time, however, Cloud 1.0 capabilities gradually fell behind the increasingly complex needs of the market. Meanwhile, the price and performance of Cloud 1.0 solutions such as tape storage failed to adapt and keep up with unprecedented new technologies such as AI, IoT, and full-motion video. As a result, many companies soon found that Cloud 1.0 solutions were simply too expensive and too slow to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of their business.

Enter: Cloud Storage 2.0. Cloud Storage 2.0 solutions radically reduce storage costs, while also taking advantage of the latest technologies that simply weren't around 10+ years ago. The result is much higher performance and more sophisticated capabilities that can meet the needs of today's enterprise organizations. When it comes to storing more data affordably - and storing it online, where it's immediately accessible - you get an idea of what's possible with a Cloud Storage 2.0 solution like Wasabi's Hot Cloud Storage.

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