Rising to the Challenge: How Wasabi is Innovating in Australia’s Higher Ed Landscape

June 27, 2024By Peter Brinkman

Supporting education has always been a key part of our mission at Wasabi. We’ve worked with public school systems and higher education institutions across the globe and are always seeking new ways to support educators. Our community partnership work began in Australia in 2023, where Wasabi ANZ proudly served as an engagement partner for CAUDIT, the Australasian body for Information and Communication Technology in Higher Education and Research, reinforcing our dedication to supporting educational technology leadership. Continuing this momentum into this year, Wasabi will participate in CAUDIT’s Community Conference from July 24-26 in Melbourne and will speak on a panel discussing the advancement of IT innovation within universities. 

Making the grade in higher education IT 

As higher education institutions navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape, they encounter a host of challenges. Let’s explore some of these issues and see how we’re driving innovative solutions for education. 

1. Remote learning and data access 

  • Challenge: With students working remotely and increasing the interconnectedness of researchers around the world, seamless access to data and IT systems is crucial.  

  • Solution: Implement agile solutions that allow secure and efficient data access, ensuring students can learn effectively from anywhere. We are committed to building accessible and efficient cloud storage solutions and our landmark peering agreement with AARNet, Australia’s pioneering research network, offers direct connectivity to Wasabi Cloud services at no additional cost. For more information, please reach out directly to  Stephen Madden, Channel Sales Manager, Wasabi ANZ.  

2. Cloud backup integration 

3. Security and compliance 

  • Challenge: Safeguarding student data is critical, especially from external threats like ransomware. Compliance requirements such as data sovereignty, retention rates, and security baselines add additional considerations when selecting your storage provider. 

  • Solution: Create a robust infrastructure with features like Wasabi Object Lock and immutable backups for the ultimate defense against ransomware. Stop hackers in their tracks with a reliable backup that can’t be altered or deleted by anyone. Wasabi is ideal for backups and long-term data retention with low per-TB pricing and no extra fees for egress or API requests. You can read how Charles Darwin University met all of its storage goals with our geo-compliant storage region in Sydney. 

4. Streamlining management 

  • Challenge: Managing various clients and storage systems can be complicated. Compound this with the headache of managing multiple storage accounts for individual departments and tracking usage, billing, and capacity for each. 

  • Solution: Integrate solutions like Cohesity and Wasabi to simplify management and gain insights into your data. For organizations that need to provision multiple storage accounts, Wasabi Account Control Manager—a service included at no added cost with our storage—enables you to easily manage all the Wasabi accounts you control with a single pane of glass. The control account can set retention policies, user access roles, and get a top-down view of billing and storage usage.  

5. Cost reduction 

  • Challenge: Education institutions are constantly battling unpredictable cloud storage fees, making it nearly impossible to stay within their increasingly tight budgets.  

  • Solution: By adopting Wasabi, you can dramatically reduce costs, especially with no egress fees to worry about. Explore cost-effective options like Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage to lock in a storage amount and rate for easy, one-line payment. 

It’s no small feat for higher education to evolve data management strategies with storage demands steadily increasing and technology shifting trends dramatically. Innovating with Wasabi means institutions benefit from more predictability, simplicity and ease of use with robust features that free up budget and resources. But don’t take our word for it: read how James Cook University in Queensland bolstered its cyber resiliency at a cost 5x lower than competitors. 


Customer success stories

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CASE STUDYCharles Darwin University Empowers Remote Learners with Secure, Compliant Microsoft 365 Backups

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