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Purpose-built for media storage, Wasabi seamlessly integrates into your existing media workflows and unlocks new possibilities. 

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Introducing Wasabi AiR

Wasabi AiR is the industry's first AI-enabled intelligent media storage. We've combined our high-performance hot cloud storage with AI-powered metadata auto-tagging, multilingual transcription, and an intuitive search interface so you can easily find and instantly access any moment in any media file you own!

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Why Wasabi for video and multimedia cloud storage?

Bottomless cloud storage built for modern media workflows


At 80% less than AWS S3, we help you cut unneccesary costs. We also don't charge for egress or API requests.


Our multi-layered zero-trust approach to security keeps you safe at the physical, data, and account levels.


Let our reliable service and predictable pricing with no hidden fees take the surprises out of your cloud storage experience.


Everything's hot, so you get all your data at your fingertips, at all times. Our single tier model takes the headache out of your cloud storage strategy.

Wasabi Media Workflows

Navigating the complexity of media storage

With modern media workflows encompassing dozens of technologies, including an array of hardware, software, and cloud services, connectivity between all of them is imperative. 

Beyond integrations, staying within budget amidst unpredictable fees is challenging as your media storage requirements grow. 

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integration partners

Simple integrations with the tools you use every day

Wasabi partners with leading vendors across the media lifecycle—spanning post-production, content management, and delivery. 

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Case Study

Eliminating manual media asset management

Learn how Tennis Australia optimized their content workflows and cloud asset management with Wasabi and Imagen.

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Like all technology decisions, cost is an incredible factor, and the cost offering from Wasabi was a deciding factor for us. We’ve had a seamless experience internally, and our external stakeholders also have a great experience.

– John O’Neil, Supervising Producer, Tennis Australia

Built to store the world’s workflows

See how Wasabi can transform the way you create.

Cloud tiering

Tap into a bottomless vault of content storage

Wasabi offers a low-cost, high-performance destination to relieve struggling on-premises hardware

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