Wasabi Account Control Manager

Simplify Multi-tenant Cloud Object Storage

From account creation and administration through billing and reporting, Wasabi Account Control Manager simplifies all aspects of managing cloud object storage-as-a-service.

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Scale your cloud storage business

Manage multiple customer storage accounts by automating and consolidating sub-account creation, administration, and billing in one intuitive, web-based management console.  MSPs, distributors, and resellers can now have complete visibility and control over the entire Wasabi object storage footprint.

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One pane of glass to manage multiple tiers of sub-accounts

Wasabi Account Control Manager automates and simplifies all aspects of multichannel and MSP storage business management. 

Automate the lifecycle

Take a hands-off approach to the account management lifecycle, from trial account creation to billing and policy adjustment. 

Reduce time-to-market

Cut down implementation time from days to minutes and ramp up service delivery to your customers. 

WACM Account control manager

Simplify billing

Streamline billing across all managed accounts and channels through consolidated invoicing. 

Provision trial accounts quickly

Provision free trial accounts in minutes and easily convert them to paid production accounts when ready. 

Case Study

How Whalley Computer Associates scales its cloud storage business

A value-added reseller leverages Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to help its customers with cloud migration. Wasabi Account Control Manager enables them to efficiently provision and manage multiple sub-accounts.

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Using Wasabi Account Control Manager, we can quickly provision accounts for users to trial the service, and then transition them to production seamlessly and quickly with all of the necessary support behind the scenes. It’s the only tool like it in the industry.

Bill Suarez, technical account manager – Whalley Computer Associates


White label your cloud object storage service

Make Wasabi cloud object storage your own with our custom cloud console.

It’s ideal for MSPs and resellers who want to customize interfaces to feature their companies’ domain names, logos, and color schemes for a fully branded customer experience.

Customize Your Cloud

Start simplifying your operations today

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See what’s possible with more time on your hands

Wasabi Account Control Manager simplifies multi-channel storage management, enabling you to
focus on sales rather than complex account administration. 


Automate Wasabi account creation and management

Simplify operations with everything you need to do in one place: 

  • Create the perfect tiered sales ecosystem with seamless onboarding  

  • Create trial accounts 

  • Assign trial quotas and duration 

  • Convert to paid accounts  

  • Distribute storage to MSPs/resellers who can then create end-user sub-accounts 

  • Consolidate invoicing across all managed accounts and channels 

Wasabi Account Creation

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Grow your storage business today

See how you can expand your portfolio of storage customers with help from Wasabi Account Control Manager.

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