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Elevating education data

The realities of limited budgets make data storage challenging across school systems and at colleges and universities. Traditional storage alone is not equipped to handle the explosive growth of data-hungry use cases today’s learning environments demand.  

Wasabi delivers the simplest, most economical cloud storage for educational facilities around the world to bring their ‘A’ game to backup, archiving, and beyond.

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Build accessible storage on a secure, compliant foundation

Wasabi allows education IT teams to build sustainable and flexible infrastructure that meets student and facility needs, as well as strict FERPA regulations for security.  


Effectively utilize your data for student, teaching, and research use cases with no egress fees, API request fees, or data management costs to provide predictable budget planning.


 Sensitive information like critical research and student information is protected with FERPA-compliant, immutable-ready cloud object storage.



Tailor learning paths in person or by remotely accessing data anytime, anywhere with a centralized cloud environment.


We provide a single storage tier for everything your school does, like backup, research archiving, sports media production, video surveillance, and remote learning.

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  • No fees for egress or API requests

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Reserved Capacity Storage

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Case Study

How Cornell saves $50,000 every year with Wasabi

Cornell University uses Wasabi to store and manage the school’s massive data footprint. Now, their central IT can easily backup, track, and rapidly restore their data without unpredictable charges for egress.

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The fact that we have about two petabytes of storage in Wasabi and I've had fewer tickets than I have fingers on one hand is a true testament to just how well everything's put together.

David Beardsley - Senior Storage Architect at Cornell University

Free your data and elevate excellence

We're here to help you unlock the potential of educational data.


    Backup & Recovery

    Keep your school's data safe and secure

    Safeguard against accidental deletion, corruption, or loss of student records, grads, and academic data.
    Explore Backup & Recovery

    Modonna University

    Madonna University case study

    Science Edu

    Active Archiving

    Big data is no big deal

    Migrate legacy ERP and SIS records to a centralized cloud environment supporting predictive analytics, retention efforts, and student engagement.
    Surveillance CS

    Video Surveillance

    Manage massive volumes of surveillance footage

    Scale footage capacity of classrooms, laboratories, libraries and other facilities to ensure public safety for students, teachers, and staff.
    Science Edu

    Remote Learning

    Support collaborative online education models

    Ensure access to content across distributed learning environments to improve remote collaboration without geographic limitations.
    Surveillance CS


    Facilitate rapid research progress with AI/ML and tagging of data

    Accelerate research timelines by automating search and tagging of archived data. Collect data into an indexable data lake and gain new insights into your research.

    With Wasabi, we pay one-quarter of what we used to because there’s one flat rate for everything; there are no ingress or egress charges to access our data. Wasabi does one thing and does it well: best-of-breed cloud storage.  

    – Steve DeGroat, Manager of Enterprise Storage at Ivy League University

    IVY league

    We use both Veeam’s and Wasabi’s immutability. They’re perfect to prevent any sort of cyber-attack. We have a 365-day setting where those backups can’t be touched or deleted for a full year. 

    – Kyle Begle, Network Administrator, Clarke University 

    Clarke University Logo

    Wasabi Account Control Manager gives us more vision into what our customers are doing. Not only has it helped us with security, it’s also helped us in planning budget and potential onsite and cloud resources.

    – David Beardsley, Senior Storage Architect at Cornell University 

    Cornell University

    Bring data storage under a single banner

    Take the complexities of data management off your list with a free offering from Wasabi storage. Our Account Control Manager tool helps you simplify operations—and eliminate“shadow IT”—by enabling you to automate the provisioning, managing, and billing of Wasabi cloud storage accounts across multiple departments.

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