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We believe data is one of your most important assets

Why lock it away in cold storage? Or worse, delete it to avoid costly hardware upgrades or unpredictable cloud storage fees? With Wasabi, you can afford to store all your data and access it whenever you like. Free from annoying fees. Free from complexity. Free from worry.


With pricing up to 80% less than the hyperscalers, and no fees for egress or API requests, you can store endless amounts of data without breaking the bank.


Let our reliable service and predictable pricing with no hidden fees take the surprises out of your cloud storage experience.


Our single tier of universal cloud storage is as fast as our competitors' fastest tiers but priced closer to cold storage, unlocking enormous potential for your organization.


Our enterprise-grade multi-layered approach to security keeps you safe at the physical, data, and cloud storage account levels.

Store more and do more with your data

Data is growing in importance as fast as it is growing out of control. Wasabi is on a mission to store the world’s data by making cloud storage affordable, predictable, and secure with no fees for egress or API requests. You pay for what you store and access it when you want. Welcome to the bottomless cloud.

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Our cloud, your way

Browse our cloud products tailored to what you need to do.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Our single-tiered cloud object storage is served up hot at cold storage prices. No hidden fees, just infinitely affordable and secure cloud capacity.

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Wasabi AiR

Add AI-auto tagging, transcription, and search to our hot cloud storage and you have the industry's first intelligent media storage. Find any moment in any media file you own with Wasabi AiR.

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

Instantly extend the capacity of your surveillance video management system (VMS) with this award-winning bundled solution that preserves your existing infrastructure investment.

Case Study

The Boston Red Sox innovating in the cloud

With more than 50 high-speed cameras throughout Fenway Park, a single game can generate terabytes of data. That, plus 123 years of historic content means big storage requirements for America's most beloved baseball park.

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“The economics of Wasabi will allow us to expand the range of content that we can consume and analyze to improve effective decision-making. We also intend to use Wasabi as a long-term storage solution for raw video content that may have future value for advanced video analytics and machine learning purposes.”

Brian Shield, CTO - Boston Red Sox

What will you do with unlimited and accessible data storage?

Our single universal tier of service can be used in countless use cases. 


Your primary target for second copies (and first)

Insanely affordable and secure offsite copies that are available at a moment's notice. Plus, you can test your backups and retrieve your data without incurring additional fees.

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Expanding what’s possible

Wasabi makes storage easy so you can focus on what you do best.

Data migration tools

Whether you’re pushing petabytes off-prem or want out from expensive hyperscale clouds, we can make it fast and affordable. We’ll even take care of your egress fees. 

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13 global storage regions

Deployed in fully secure and redundant data centers across North America, EMEA, and APAC, our hot cloud storage is the same low rate across all regions. 

Robust security & compliance

Strong physical and data security, IAM, MFA, SSO encryption in transit and at rest, and a unique account security feature found only at Wasabi. 

Ransomware protection

Immutability at the object and bucket level make it impossible for anyone to delete, alter, or encrypt your data.

Multi-tenant management

Wasabi makes it simple for distributors and MSPs to provision and manage multiple sub-accounts within a single pane of glass.  

Flexible payment models

Pay as you go or pay by PO with Reserved Capacity Storage. Choose from 1, 3, or 5-year increments and save more. 

Make Wasabi yours

Whether you want to integrate or resell Wasabi, we make it easy.

Delight your customers and your CFO

Wasabi enables resellers and service providers to easily increase revenues and profit margins while increasing customer satisfaction. Plus, you get access to world-class co-marketing support and a single pane of glass to manage all your Wasabi accounts.

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