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Wasabi’s price point of $.0039 per gigabyte per month is significantly less (approximately 1/5th) than the price of Amazon’s S3 Standard service of $.023 per gigabyte per month.
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No egress charges via Wasabi Direct Connect (or $.04/GB via the Internet)
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No additional charges for PUT, GET, COPY, or other operations.
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Simple support plans that don't escalate with usage.

Storage made simple. Faster than S3.
Less expensive than Glacier.

Simple, understandable usage-based pricing.

Storage Cost Estimates

Move the pricing slider to see the per-month and per-year Wasabi Hot Storage pricing and how it compares to AWS S3.

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500 TB
1 TB
1 PB
$1995 per month
$23,940 per year
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Wasabi Hot Storage Cost Estimator

Monthly Usage Estimates

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*Assumes downloads are done over the Internet; downloads are free when done over Wasabi Direct Connect.

**Costs are estimates based on user-entered parameters. For full details on our pricing, check out our pricing FAQs.

Cost Estimates of Wasabi vs. Competing Solutions
(based on publicly available pricing as of July 2017)
Amazon S3
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

Comparison - Annual Cloud Storage Fees: 1 PB (Petabyte)

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