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Quickly and affordably find and access every moment in every media file you own.

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Let AI breathe new life into your media

Vast media archives go unused and untapped because it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for. In fact, most media companies don’t even know what hidden gems lie buried in their archives. Until now.

Wasabi AiR is cloud object storage integrated with a searchable auto-generated index. It combines our high-performance hot cloud storage with AI-powered metadata auto-tagging, multilingual transcription, and a search interface to easily find and instantly access your content.

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Why Wasabi AiR?

Object storage without metadata is like the internet without a search engine. Manually tagging content is time-consuming and ineffective, while current auto-tagging solutions are expensive and complicated to build. Costs are difficult to calculate, spread across multiple services and based not just on storage capacity but on hard-to-predict variables such as egress fees, minutes analyzed, number of search queries, and other API requests.

Wasabi AiR, on the other hand, is a fully integrated solution with all-inclusive capacity-based pricing. It delivers “out-of-the-box” AI accuracy with no extra fees. You pay only for storage.

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AI Media Storage Cost Calculator

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With the hyperscalers, you pay for every minute of video scanned. You pay for every search query. You pay (considerably more) for storage. And you pay everything you download a file.

With Wasabi AiR, you pay only for storage.

  • Unlimited use of the AI

  • Unlimited queries

  • Zero egress or API request fees

  • No hidden costs

5 Year Cost Comparison

20,000 hours of video @50 Mbps

Fully integrated solution with AI accuracy, security, and affordability built in


Pre-trained for common media & entertainment use cases. Advanced object recognition and excellent speech-to-text accuracy rates ensure tagging accuracy in over 50 languages.


Machine learning owned and controlled by you with enterprise-grade security designed to keep your IP protected from ransomware or other disasters.


All-inclusive capacity-based pricing. No additional fees for AI analysis, egress, search queries, or other API requests. You pay only for terabytes stored.

Find what you want, when you want it

Imagine being able to instantly find every player, every goal, every moment the director says “greek it” (obscure the branding). The sky’s the limit with Wasabi AiR. Our intuitive GUI lets you filter by people, tags, logos, text in speech, OCR, and more. Search results appear as timecode-accurate markers on your timeline that can be exported to your non-linear editing (NLE) system via CSV or XML. Our robust API supports JSON data exchange to power your own application integrations.

Experience the benefits of advanced machine learning with deep search and browse capabilities that integrate seamlessly into your workflow applications, MAMs, and content supply chain.

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Designed and trained for the media and entertainment industry

Auto-tagging for search and clipping

Find content for highlight packages, showreels, and news curation

Transcriptions and translations

Quickly translate and search with global speech and text recognition

Content moderation and compliance

Find and replace objectionable content, especially useful for localization

Workflow automation

Automate trigger content processing, deduplication of content, and ad insertion

Sponsorship and ad sales

Search logos for sponsorship attribution and ROI analysis

Player evaluation and development

Search players or key plays for scouting and player development

See Wasabi AiR in action

Check out this walkthrough of the Wasabi AiR user interface to see just how fast and easy it is to find anything when you have a searchable, accessible index of all your content.

Watch the Demo

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