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Secure Cloud Storage for Medical Data

Retain and protect medical imaging and other critical healthcare data with our simple, affordable, HIPAA-compliant hot cloud storage. 

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Wrangle your healthcare cloud costs

With medical technology, research, and treatment practices evolving every day, clinicians and patients need ready access to an enormous amount of secure information. Cloud storage can help, but traditional cloud costs can quickly spin out of control.

With Wasabi, you can meet long-term retention compliance, protect your data against ransomware, and offload overburdened servers while still making data readily accessible... all at a fraction of the cost of the big-name providers

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Bringing data to the forefront of healthcare innovation

Efficiently manage and safeguard medical records, imaging, and more. Store data securely and enjoy immediate access to your most important information from any location.


Encrypted in transit and at rest, data can also be made immutable to protect against ransomware or accidental deletions.


Our dedicated healthcare cloud environment is ready to store protected health information (PHI) like medical images and patient records.



Low, predictable monthly costs empower you to test and restore your backups without fear of egress or other unnecessary hidden fees.


Quick uploads and downloads help to reduce backup windows and increase your RTO and RPO.

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Case Study

Brightstar Care protects patient information with a cyber resilient cloud

BrightStar Care is a leading franchiser of in-home care and medical staffing that relies on Wasabi’s cost savings and predictable pricing to secure patient information.

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Ransomware is a major concern in the healthcare industry. Having offsite copies in immutable and affordable Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is critical for our day-to-day efforts and peace of mind. Wasabi’s Object Lock is a game-changer.

Kyle Burnette, Director of IT Infrastructure & Security, HIPAA Security Officer - BrightStar Care

Free your data and drive healthcare innovation

From life sciences data to medical imaging and beyond, Wasabi provides a secure, reliable, budget-friendly cloud storage solution for all your needs.

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    Backup & Recovery

    Improve patient care with cyber-resilient data

    Backup to HIPAA-compliant Wasabi to ensure the integrity, accessibility, and security of sensitive patient data. Enable our immutable storage feature to mitigate the risk of data loss and associated damage to operations due to a successful cybersecurity attack.
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    BrightStar Care case study

    healthcare data

    Active Archiving

    Store and access data anywhere, anytime for smarter care

    Migrate EHR systems to the cloud to optimize clinical workflows across distributed platforms, improve patient outcomes, and enhance clinician, patient, and employee experiences.
    Surveillance CS

    Video Surveillance

    Safeguard healthcare environments

    Manage massive volumes of video surveillance footage to help improve overall safety, security, and compliance, contributing to the well-being of patients, staff, and operations of medical facilities.

    Medical Internet of Things

    Keep up with the massive data generated by IoT

    Medical IoT is significantly improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency with its real-time data. It's also providing a treasure trove of new medical insights and interventions for those capable of storing and analyzing all of that data. Our affordability and easy integrations with third-party applications make Wasabi an ideal storage target for medical IoT.

    Big Data


    Tap into an ocean of data

    Connect your data lake to an AI/ML engine and unlock untold patient insights. Leverage AI/ML to better analyze medical images and records, and translate raw data into actionable medical insights to create personalized patient care.

    Wasabi has helped adopt Cloud Storage for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. The lack of egress fees made choosing Wasabi a simple decision when compared to other top cloud storage providers.

    – Sat Chana, Infratech Managing Director at NHS Imperial College Healthcare


    We needed a solution that would not only help us affordably archive all our old data at a separate location but also ensure that the data is easily accessible any time a doctor or somebody has to pull a file, from whatever year. We found what we needed with Wasabi and Komprise.

    – Kevin Rhode, Chief Information Officer, District Medical Group

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