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Too much data for complex, expensive storage

Data lakes tend to be immense, and they’re only getting bigger. On-premises storage is far too costly and complex for this workload. Traditional cloud storage solutions are also not ideal for data lakes, with problematic and confusing tiering, as well as charges for data egress and API access.   

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A new breed of cloud storage

Unlike first-generation cloud storage services with confusing storage tiers and complex pricing schemes, Wasabi stores your data in a single, fast, and easy-to-understand tier—making it optimal for storing massive volumes of raw data. 


  • Up to 80% less than the hyperscalers

  • No fees for egress or API requests

  • Additional savings with Reserved Capacity Storage


  • As fast as the hyperscalers' fastest tier of service

  • Up to 100 Gbps direct connect speeds

  • 99.9% system availability and 11x9s of durability


  • SOC-2 and ISO 27001-certified data centers​

  • Server-side encryption, MFA/IAM​/SSO

  • Immutability and Multi-User Authentication

Case Study

Content Analytics Firm Requires Speed of Hot Cloud Storage

Kaleidoscope is a startup company that sources content from across the Internet and process billions of words each seconds to aggregate, visually index, and stores the data as “knowledge.” Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage gave them the speed and scale to turn data into action.

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We’re continually uploading huge volumes of processed data from the Nimbix supercomputer to Wasabi storage, and Wasabi doesn’t have any problem keeping up.

— Kee Kimbrell, co-founder of Kaleidoscope

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We play well with others

Our S3-compatible cloud storage works seamlessly with all major data lakes and analytics applications

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Do more with your data lake, securely

Wasabi enables you to unlock the power of the data in your data lake with confidence thanks to our data security and affordable access.  

Multicloud enabled

Use Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage as part of a multicloud data lake implementation to improve choice and avoid vendor lock-in. Scale your data lake’s compute and storage independently with best-of-breed providers. 


Wasabi is hosted in multiple geographically distributed data centers for resiliency and high availability. You can replicate your data lakes across Wasabi regions for business continuity, disaster recovery, and data protection. 



Mitigate the threat of ransomware with our data immutability at the object and bucket levels—making it impossible for anyone to delete, alter, or encrypt the contents of your data lake. 

Secure and compliant

Wasabi offers strong physical and data security for your data lakes, including, IAM, MFA, SSO, encryption in transit and at rest, and a unique account security feature found only at Wasabi. 

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No surprises on cloud storage bills

We charge a flat rate of $.0069/GB/month. No matter what you’re doing with your data or when you use it. 

The competition just can’t measure up, and the hyperscalers charge you for egress and API call requests that drive runaway costs. 

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