Video Surveillance

Unlock the Power of Scale for Your Security System

Meet increased demand from growing camera counts, higher resolutions, and longer retention periods with cloud storage purpose-built for video.

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The camera is now the ultimate sensor

As video surveillance systems become more advanced and critical to an organization’s operations, the more important it becomes for companies to be mindful of how they manage their video data.

A strong surveillance foundation starts with storage

Video surveillance isn’t just about cameras. It’s increasingly about the infrastructure required to support them. Make sure your solution can scale affordably and securely with cloud storage purpose-built for video.  

Affordable with no surprises

Cost-effective, predictable pricing in video data storage enables strategic and budget conscious decisions while maintaining high-quality video capabilities long term. 

Powerful security and protection

Offsite protection is key to implementing a disaster recovery strategy with immutable storage – write once, read many, change nothing. 


Infinite scalability

Bottomless storage allows users to scale their storage as demand increases. Wasabi cloud storage is architected to meet the camera deployments of large enterprises. 

Seamless integration

Surveillance systems of all kinds (VMS, cameras, cloud native apps) can connect to Wasabi using the S3 API, cloud gateways, or the Wasabi Surveillance Cloud plugin. 

Extend the capacity of your existing VMS storage

We make it easy for organizations to affordably scale video storage capacity, whether you’re cloud-enabled already or not.

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

Not cloud enabled? No problem. Quickly and easily connect any VMS to Wasabi.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

The ideal storage target for video management systems already enabled with S3 connectivity

Case Study

Clearview enables compliant and cost-effective security video storage

As a new group of clients required lengthy retention of their security video files for legal compliance purposes, Clearview began investigating cloud storage options.

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We needed a way to enable compliance for our customers but help them save money at the same time – without compromising on security or performance.”

Jason Yousif, President of Clearview

The ideal storage target for any surveillance environment

Whether you want to extend the life of your on-prem capacity or store direct-to-cloud, Wasabi is the trusted choice of enterprises everywhere.

Hybrid cloud

Combine the familiarity of your existing system with the added benefits of cloud storage.

Cloud connected cameras

Elevate your camera offerings with Wasabi as your trusted backend storage solution with cameras recording directly to the cloud. 

Cloud-native applications

Meet the needs of modern video surveillance environments by developing cloud-native applications in conjunction with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.  

Seamless integration

Connect with leading video surveillance partner solutions

Wasabi is a simple and affordable addition to your existing surveillance system.  

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