Managed & Cloud Service Provider Partners

Wasabi works with our Managed & Cloud Service Provider (MSP & CSP) partners to add Wasabi Hot Storage to your offer portfolio. Wasabi provides cost-effective commercial terms to make it easy to include Wasabi with your current service offerings.
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Wasabi Managed & Cloud Service Provider Partners

Wasabi is looking for managed service providers (MSPs) and cloud service providers (CSPs) to join our growing partner network. For those MSPs & CSPs already offering cloud storage or looking to add cloud storage, Wasabi Hot Storage offers you a cost effective, high performance, exabyte scale solution that will save your customers significant money while increasing your bottom line.

Please contact us if you are a MSP or CSP interested in offering cloud storage services for the first time (or if you are looking to augment or replace your current cloud storage service offering with Wasabi’s low-cost and high-performance hot storage service).