Increase Revenue and Drive Brand Satisfaction

It’s easy to create winning products when you bundle Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage into your solution. 

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What does it mean to be an OEM?

The Wasabi Partner Network OEM program is designed for technology and services partners to bundle Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with your own solution. You can integrate Wasabi with your own intellectual property or 3rd-party applications to offer repeatable, user-friendly, integrated offers, priced and marketed your way.

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Don’t leave money on the table

Bundling in cloud storage adds a simplified, well-rounded solution to your offering and adds more dollars to your revenue stream. 

Make storage simple

Wasabi is a single tier of AWS S3-compatible, highly secure, enterprise-class cloud object storage with no hidden fees.

Save your customers time and money

Maximize your margins and delight your customers by simplifying their buying and provisioning experience.

Supercharge your solution

Co-branded collateral, co-marketing opportunities, and market development funds drive your solutions.

We are excited to partner with Wasabi to deliver our technology to the mid-market, enabling CTERA and Wasabi resellers to leverage our extensive multi-tenant portal capabilities to deliver much-needed managed data services to their customers.

-Oded Nagel Chief Strategy Officer, CTERA 


We are excited to join Wasabi’s OEM program. By combining our world-leading hyperconnected cloud services with Wasabi's high-performance and cost-effective storage, we strive to offer customers a turn-key, ultra-low latency infrastructure solution at a predictable price, in the world’s fastest-growing markets.

-Wade Chen, VP of Technology, Zenlayer


As the volume of data continues to grow through security and identification technology, it’s critical for us to be able to offer the most economic and reliable storage to our end users so they can focus on their business priorities and harnessing the power of data.

-Rick Urban, Sr. Product Manager, Video Systems, Identiv

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Your solution, powered by Wasabi

While OEM partners can opt to white-label Wasabi storage services, by leveraging the Powered by Wasabi logo in your marketing you tap into the full power of the Wasabi brand as a game-changing, leading-edge cloud storage alternative to the hyperscalers.

We make it simple to deliver and maintain storage offerings

Wasabi Account Control Manager automates and simplifies all aspects of bundled storage business management. 

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Automate lifecycle

Take a hands-off approach to the account management lifecycle, from trial account creation to billing and policy adjustment. 

Reduce time-to-market

Cut down implementation time from days to minutes and ramp up service delivery to your customers. 


Simplify billing

Streamline billing across all managed accounts and channels through consolidated invoicing. 

Provision trial accounts quickly

Provision free trial accounts in minutes and easily convert them to paid production accounts when ready. 

Our OEM partner program elevates solutions across verticals and use cases

Explore the many ways where Wasabi cloud storage can help you streamline operations and scale affordably. 


Your primary target for second copies (and first)

Insanely affordable and secure offsite copies that are available at a moment's notice. Plus, you can test your backups and retrieve your data without incurring additional fees.

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Ready to join our growing OEM circle?

You’ll be in good company with others who are realizing bottom-line value with Wasabi.

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