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Extend the life of your on-premises storage, reduce costs, and never run out of space with network-attached storage in the cloud.

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Unused data driving up storage costs?

We know that 80% of data sits dormant a few months after it’s created, yet most businesses retain it anyway alongside active data on expensive on-prem storage platforms. This wastes storage capacity and drains time and budget by making backups larger than necessary.  

Why make it harder to protect your data? 

Preserve expensive on-prem capacity with Cloud NAS

Free up server space while keeping your data available and retrievable within milliseconds through Wasabi’s fast, secure, efficient network-attached cloud storage.

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Lower your total cost of storage

Avoid hardware upgrades and the associated space, power, and human costs to maintain ever-expanding on-prem storage.

Shorten backup and recovery times

Dramatically shrink your backup images for faster backup times and better RPOs and RTOs.

Disaster-proof your file storage

Enable users to access data immediately after a failure by repopulating from the cloud in minutes.

Two ways to free up your existing on-prem server capacity 

Pay as you go

  • Cloud NAS software + storage 

  • No fees for egress or API requests 

  • Basic support 



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Reserve capacity storage

  • Purchase in 1, 3, or 5-year increments 

  • No fees for egress or API requests 

  • Premium support plan 

Term and capacity-based discounts

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Getting started with Cloud NAS is easy (and free)

Wasabi Cloud NAS is simple to install, with no client software required on your team’s devices. All files are visible exactly as they would appear if they were residing on your on-premises servers.

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A configuration wizard will guide you through connecting to your existing on-prem NAS, SAN, or DAS to automatically begin offloading data.

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Gartner's Market Guide for Hybrid Cloud Storage

Empower your infrastructure and operations. Learn about the benefits and essential criteria for a hybrid cloud deployment.

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Case Study

ITV Studios Netherland lowers storage costs without sacrificing performance

Wasabi Cloud NAS enabled ITV Netherlands' team of editors to quickly access any clip from terabytes of raw footage, paring a process that previously took hours down to just minutes.

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“Wasabi Cloud NAS is exactly the tool that I had been looking for. It serves as the perfect arm’s length extension to our local storage.”

— Jordy de Muijnk, Team Lead, Infrastructure and Networks, ITV Studios Netherlands

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