Public Cloud

What is a public cloud?

Unlike the private cloud, public cloud hosting solutions mean that organizations aren't personally responsible for the regular management of their own data. That's because company data is stored in an outside provider's off-site data center, effectively passing the day-to-day maintenance of that data to them.

Public cloud environments with Wasabi

The public cloud appeals to certain companies because it can be easily shared between multiple unrelated users. Some organizations also prefer the public cloud over the private cloud because it has a lower IT overhead, unique scalability features, and other benefits. The public cloud is more suited toward those whose needs don't yet require a dedicated data center but are still looking for flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Regardless of your unique reasons for relying on the public cloud, Wasabi's incredibly flexible connectivity options and extensive industry partnerships let you utilize your public cloud resources to satisfy a wide range of application requirements, all while accelerating performance and improving uptime.