Cloud Portability

What is Cloud Portability?

Cloud portability is a company’s ability (or, in some cases, their level of freedom) to move their own applications and/or data from one cloud storage environment to another. Virtually all of today’s cloud-based storage applications and data are portable to some degree, so long as there is enough time and resources migrate from one vendor to another.

Flexible Cloud Portability Options With Wasabi Hot Storage

With Wasabi’s flexible hot cloud storage solutions, businesses have the freedom to move any of their cloud applications or data from one host environment or vendor to another. However, just like with any other vendor - whether it be AWS, Microsoft Azure, or another number of other leading cloud service providers - the exact amount of work required to port an application from one platform to another depends completely upon the scenario. However, at Wasabi, we’re always prepared to deal with the most common cloud porting and compatibility issues, ensuring this process goes as smoothly as possible for our customers.

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