Cloud Migration

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving company data or applications to a cloud-based solution. Whether the data is moved from local storage or from another cloud, the migration process can involve moving all data at once, or slowly over a period of time. Additionally, some companies may opt to have certain applications remain on-premise while others are moved to the cloud.

The growing need for cloud migration

When companies had no choice but to store their data within their own infrastructures, the business landscape was drastically different than it is today. As more and more reasons emerge to take the plunge into cloud storage, a growing number of businesses are finding convincing reasons to migrate some or all of their company data to the cloud. (see: hybrid cloud) For countless businesses migrating to the cloud, Wasabi's storage solutions have been the go-to for an efficient way to reduce recurring expenses, lower overall TCO, and boost storage performance. In addition, Wasabi works with the leading cloud computing platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. This means companies can build and run their applications on any of these other platforms, or on-prem, then store their data safely on Wasabi to cut costs, avoid surprises, and improve business results.

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