Hybrid Cloud

What is a hybrid cloud?

A hybrid cloud is a mixed implementation composed of public cloud and private cloud resources. Hybrid Cloud is more commonly used to describe a solution that lives partly within your on-prem infrastructure with connections to one or more cloud providers.

What’s the benefit of a hybrid cloud approach?

A mixed implementation of both public and private cloud resources might be the best solution for certain businesses based on their specific needs; for example, a company might use a private cloud for workloads with extreme security requirements, then use a public cloud for workloads with less stringent demands. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is extremely affordable, fast and simple storage for any purpose—including a hybrid cloud approach. You can tightly integrate Wasabi with on-premises storage solutions to protect and extend previous investments, eliminate vendor lock-in and better align storage costs with data value. A Wasabi hybrid storage implementation can help you extend the life of your IT assets while taking advantage of cloud economics, agility and scalability.