Cloud Bursting

What is cloud bursting?

Cloud bursting is a configuration that can be set up to occur whenever organizations run out of computing resources within their internal data centers; when this happens, they can then "burst" the additional workload or data out to an external cloud.

How the hybrid cloud allows for reliable, efficient cloud bursting

Because cloud bursting is a configuration that's set up between both private and public clouds, it's fully dependent on hybrid cloud deployment models. The gist is: once full capacity is reached within a company's private cloud, the excess traffic is automatically redirected to (or "burst" out to) a public cloud for safe backup. Due to the fact that different companies experience varying workload levels and demands regarding data storage requirements, cloud bursting provides a convenient and cost-effective solution in the case of data overload - especially since companies only need to pay for those extra computing resources when they're actually needed.

Wasabi's affordable and reliable hybrid storage solutions provide a perfect way to cloud burst, no matter the size of your company or data demands. And unlike first-generation cloud storage services that come with confusing pricing tiers, Wasabi is easy to understand and cost-effective to scale.