Private Cloud

What is a Private Cloud?

In cloud storage, a private cloud is a cloud implementation dedicated to (and ofcten managed by) a single tenant. Private clouds are typically operated internally by corporate staff and used by line-of-business customers to build or run various applications, but cloud storage vendors also offer private cloud options through servers dedicated to individual clients.

Wasabi for private cloud environments

Whether they're on-site or off-site, if a server is dedicated to only one tenant, then it's a part of the private cloud. As a result, that server's owner (or group of owners) is personally responsible for its upkeep and management. Organizations with special computing needs and larger-sized companies often keep their data in a private data center for added security. Additionally, organizations in some industries - such as the government or medical fields - are required by law to use a private cloud.

No matter why your company needs access to a private cloud, Wasabi has the solution. Avoid private cloud lock-in with our private network connectivity to other leading platforms, or connect your private cloud directly to Wasabi - all at a fraction of the cost of leading competitors.

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