The Integration MSPs Didn’t Know They Were Waiting For

July 8, 2024By Caitlin Tindle

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are no strangers to complexity. They spend their time between service portals for the products and services they provide to their clients and the productivity apps pinning it all together. The more logins and windows and tabs there are to juggle the more places there are for work to get lost.

Wasabi and Acronis are joining forces to provide MSPs with a new, cutting-edge tool to streamline their operations and enhance their services. Powered by Wasabi's Account Control API, the new Wasabi App for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud empowers MSPs to manage both their backup and storage solutions from one place.

Simplified customer management

From siloed management to streamlined simplicity, the Wasabi App unlocks direct customer control for Acronis MSPs. With this new integration, Acronis MSPs' Wasabi accounts become Control Accounts, granting them comprehensive management of all customer accounts from within the familiar Acronis Platform, including account creation, modification, suspension, and deletion.

Additionally, the Wasabi App enables MSPs to create and manage buckets and perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations against customer accounts. This new integration offers unprecedented levels of access and control at both the account and storage level for MSPs deploying Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

Provide best-in-class support for your customers

The Wasabi App for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Platform gives you the insights you need to keep your customers on track with their data protection goals. Only the Wasabi App gives MSPs account-level details to guide their users with data-driven storage and usage metrics.

A big-picture view of your customers’ data protection

See the full scope of your customers’ data when you view it through the Wasabi App. Map storage and backup together within a single platform for efficient management of all aspects of your customers’ data protection journey.

Wasabi App for Acronis Cyber Protect showing account mapping

Subaccounts resource usage overview

Gain quick insights into how much storage your customers are using. The Wasabi App’s detailed insights into account utilization allow you to provide immediate and accurate recommendations to your customers, better manage resources, and optimize storage use.

Wasabi App for Acronis Cyber Protect showing sub-account usage

Get notified of important changes

With the Wasabi App, you can stay on top of your customers' account activity. Get notified when trial accounts are due to expire or when storage passes a certain threshold. This consolidation reduces the complexity of understanding your customer's data needs and concerns, allowing for prompt and effective responses.

Ok, you’ve got me. How do I get started?

Experience the benefits of the Wasabi App for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud today. Reach out to your Wasabi sales rep for additional information or learn more here.

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