“Can I White-Label Wasabi Storage?”

October 18, 2023By Ryan Ripa

The ability to rebrand Wasabi cloud object storage is a question we have received from numerous channel partners. Previously, our solution to that was to provide an AWS S3 region URL on a custom domain. This is great for plugging in service URLs into products like backup software. But what if the end-user wants an easy way to browse the data? At that point, we didn’t have a great answer and would direct the partner to use an S3 browser like Cyberduck. Not a great answer. 

So, the Wasabi Product team went to the drawing board and came up with the Custom Cloud Console, a unique new feature of Wasabi Account Control Manager, our multi-tenant cloud storage management software for OEMs, MSPs, and other value-added resellers. Custom Cloud Console enables partners to customize the interface with their company domain name, logo, and color scheme for a fully branded experience for their end customers.   

Together, these two products provide seamless white-labeling, hassle-free data separation, and access management. End user access can be managed by the partner using Wasabi Account Control Manager, while the same utilization data can be made available to end users using Custom Cloud Console.

Frank Del Campillo of Pro Logic Systems had this to say:  

Wasabi Account Management and Custom Cloud Console are saving time, driving greater storage insights and giving more tailored access to our clients. The portal features the Pro Logic brand and leverages Wasabi’s expertise around innovative object storage, giving us a lot more flexibility from a sales perspective.” 

Wasabi Custom Cloud Console gives customers the ability to rebrand the console with their company's logo and color scheme.

Login screen branded with ProLogic's logo using Custom Cloud Console

Custom Cloud Console was in soft-launch since March and has been rolled out to over a dozen partners. Custom Cloud Console in now in general availability for all Partners and can be up in running in minutes. For more information or to get started, contact your Wasabi Sales Rep or contact us at  

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