Unlock Cloud Freedom and Flexibility with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

November 27, 2023By Robert Callaghan

Educators rejoice! Wasabi is bringing exhilarating cloud storage solutions to CITE 2023 that deliver the security, affordability, ease, and flexibility needed to excel in today’s digital education landscape. 

Get ready to experience the thrill of total data protection with Wasabi. As the Hot Cloud Storage company, Wasabi oozes innovative features that let you confidently store everything, from backups of lesson plans to sensitive student data. 

First-Class Security

Wasabi’s storage buckets encrypt all data at rest by default, securing your content throughout its lifecycle. For data you want to keep extra safe, Wasabi’s revolutionary S3 Object Lock capability makes data tamper-proof by making objects immutable for a specified period, preventing malicious edits and deletion. Wasabi’s game-changing Multi-User Authentication takes cloud security to new heights by requiring multiple security protectors to authorize any account deletion, and we’re the only cloud storage company to have this feature. 

Unbeatable Affordability

Affordability reaches new levels with Wasabi, too. There are no egress fees for data retrieval, and API requests are free—say goodbye to frustrating surcharges and fluctuating storage bills. With storage prices at an industry-defying $6.99 per TB/month, you can provision ample capacity for all your needs without breaking budgets. 

Simple as A-B-C

With Wasabi’s intuitive browser-based interface and feature-rich APIs, managing storage is a breeze. Quickly configure buckets, set access controls, review usage statistics, and more with just a few clicks. And quickly build customized workflows by integrating Wasabi’s API into your applications. 

The flexibility Wasabi offers is unmatched, too. Through technical alliances with leading education solution providers like Veeam, Dell, Arcserve, Veritas, Acronis, and MSP360, integrating Wasabi into your environment is easy. And by partnering with the top CITE-approved MSPs and resellers, Wasabi can deliver the most suitable storage solution for your unique needs. 

Unlock the potential of your data by storing it with Wasabi. Visit Booth #806 at CITE 2023 to learn more about our trailblazing hot cloud storage and how it provides the exhilarating security, affordability, ease of use, and flexibility needed to excel in education. Partner with Wasabi today and dramatically simplify your cloud storage! See you at CITE 2023! 

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