Expanding Our Wasabi Ball Service to the European Union

October 25, 2023By Ginni Saini

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in our mission to empower businesses with the best cloud storage solutions: the expansion of our Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance service to the European Union. For the first time, customers in the European Union can expedite the cloud seeding process by utilizing a secure and reliable appliance for transferring substantial data volumes to Wasabi European Union storage regions. This development will further our commitment to serving businesses across the globe. 

Let’s delve into the world of these devices and discover their pivotal role in data migration and management.  

Traversing the Data Migration Journey 

Data migration stands as a critical step in modernizing an organization's IT infrastructure. On-premises data has been a dependable repository for sensitive information, but as businesses expand, they often require more scalable and adaptable solutions. Cloud-based data storage services, with their scalability, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility, emerge as an attractive choice. However, the transfer of data from local servers to the cloud can be complicated and time-consuming, especially with substantial datasets. 

Transferring large datasets to the cloud over a public internet connection can stretch out for weeks or even months, causing delays in cloud migration plans. Connectivity constraints and the steep cost of enhancing network bandwidth speed are common obstacles that organizations encounter during this pivotal phase of their cloud journey.  

Benefits of Leveraging Data Transfer Appliances (DTAs) 

Employing specialized devices for on-premise data uploads to cloud storage regions brings forth a range of advantages: 

  1. Speed and Efficiency: DTAs are designed to move large volumes of data quickly, often surpassing the speed of traditional internet-based transfers. This is particularly beneficial when time is of the essence, such as data backup or migrating to the cloud. 2

  2. Data Security: With built-in encryption and other security features, DTAs offer a high level of data protection, ensuring that your sensitive information remains confidential during transit. 

  3. Cost Savings: By minimizing the need for continuous high-bandwidth internet connections, DTAs can significantly reduce data transfer costs, especially for organizations with limited network resources. 

  4. Reliability: DTAs are built for reliability, with error-checking and resumption capabilities that ensure your data arrives intact, even in the face of network disruptions. 

  5. Simplicity: Many DTAs are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces that make them accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their technical expertise. 

Use Cases for Data Transfer Appliances 

DTAs have a wide range of applications, including: 

  1. Cloud Migration: When moving large datasets to the cloud, DTAs simplify the process and reduce downtime. 

  2. Data Archiving: Archiving large datasets in the cloud can be time consuming over standard internet connections. Data transfer appliances can speed up the process and ensure data is securely stored for long term retention. 

  3. Data Backup: DTAs are ideal for bringing local backups to a secure, offsite cloud storage location or instantly creating offsite copies of local backups, ensuring data redundancy and business continuity. 

  4. Media and Entertainment: Film studios, broadcasters, and content creators often use DTAs to transfer large video and media files. 

  5. Video Surveillance: Video Surveillance organizations often deal with massive datasets. They rely on DTAs for efficient data movement and security 

In Summary 

As the adoption of cloud storage continues to surge and organizations embark on the journey of migrating their on-premises data to cloud-based data centers, the significance of employing purpose-built devices for this task cannot be overstated. These specialized devices play a pivotal role in simplifying and streamlining the migration process, offering a trifecta of benefits: speed, security, and scalability, all while maintaining unwavering reliability. 

In a world where data is king, the ability to move and manage data efficiently is paramount. Data Transfer Appliances provide organizations with a reliable, secure, and efficient means of transferring large volumes of data. 

Wasabi’s Solution: Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance 

The Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance expedites the cloud seeding process, offering a secure and reliable method for transferring substantial data volumes to the Wasabi cloud. This innovative solution is particularly valuable for organizations lacking the necessary network connection speeds to move large datasets online or for those seeking to streamline their data center operations by migrating assets to the cloud. Notably, relocating data from local data centers to Wasabi is both cost-effective and feasible through the Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance. 

Simple, Secure, and Versatile 

Wasabi Ball, an industry-leading NAS device, can securely store up to 250 TB of data. It offers multiple 1 GbE and 10 GbE interfaces, compatible with standard file system interfaces (NFS, CIFS, SMB, FTP, HTTPS, RCLONE, S3), enabling users to choose their preferred method for data upload. The appliance provides AES 256-bit volume-based encryption, ensuring data security throughout the transfer process. Moreover, the Wasabi Ball offers a user-friendly, built-in client interface, requires no dedicated IT personnel and operates seamlessly in remote environments. 

Streamlined Transfer Process

To initiate data migration with the Wasabi Ball, organizations simply request the rental of the appliance. Once delivered, data is transferred to the device, which is then returned to Wasabi. The Wasabi team seamlessly ingests the data from the appliance into the customer's designated Wasabi storage bucket, providing notifications upon completion and ensuring secure device erasure. 

Optimizing Your Data Migration 

Traditionally, cloud migration was plagued by two major challenges: slow internet connections and the prohibitive cost of expanding bandwidth. Both of these issues lead to delays and increased expenses, discouraging many businesses from fully embracing the cloud. 

The Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance offers a solution that addresses these pain points head-on. This innovative device allows organizations to perform cloud migrations without worrying about the limitations of their internet speed or the financial burden of extensive bandwidth upgrades. In most cases, subsequent uploads involve only incremental or updated data, significantly reducing the time and network resources required for these tasks. This translates into faster migration times, lower operational costs, and a smoother transition to the cloud. 

With the Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance in your arsenal, cloud migration becomes a more accessible and efficient endeavor. Businesses can now quickly embrace the data migration to Wasabi cloud without being held back by the limitations of their existing infrastructure.  

Benefits for European Union Businesses:  

  • Local Data Transfer: With our European Union expansion, you can now enjoy faster data transfers within the region via Wasabi Ball, reducing latency and improving efficiency.  

  • Compliance and Data Sovereignty: We understand the importance of data sovereignty and compliance. By having a European Union footprint, we can better serve businesses in EU with data residency requirements.  

  • Enhanced Support: Our European Union expansion includes local Wasabi resources for businesses in the region, ensuring your questions and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.  

We are proud to extend our Wasabi Ball service to European Union, adding a new layer of accessibility and convenience for EU businesses looking to harness the potential of the cloud for data storage and management. 

Learn More about the Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance 

If you're eager to significantly reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with migrating extensive datasets to the cloud, reach out to To explore the Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance in detail, visit Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance

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