Introducing Wasabi AiR: Unleash the Power of AI with Intelligent Media Storage

April 10, 2024

Love how your smartphone has made it really easy to find the picture of your favorite pet or your family reunion when you need it? Traditionally, the technology that enables you to easily search by what is in your photos and videos on your phone has been too expensive and generally unavailable to larger organizations, especially for those of you in the media and entertainment industry. When news breaks how quickly can you find the right footage you need from your archive?  

Rather than manually search and tag vast amounts of content which can be time consuming and error prone, some in the M&E industry have turned to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to better understand their content and make it searchable.    


Wasabi Air identifying players on a soccer pitch.

AI and ML will help the M&E industry:  

  1. Tell better stories faster with fresh content to compete with the growing number of entertainment alternatives available to their customers.

  2. Lower post-production costs by automatically processing the growing amount of digital storage created. For a 4k digital movie production, several petabytes of storage is common. With the industry moving towards 8K, upwards of one exabyte will soon be the norm.

The use of AI and ML to analyze media for the M&E industry is commonly called AI auto-tagging or AI tagging. It’s used to analyze thousands of hours of video to find that one critical moment much faster than a human. The output of AI tagging is metadata that enables the quick look up of “gem moments” for the creation of other digital assets. While the promise of AI tagging for the M&E industry seems great, there are still challenges slowing adoption:

  • Unsecure: Fear of IP theft and the need to protect content from unauthorized access

  • Inaccurate: Poor quality due to lack of accuracy in AI-generated results

  • Unaffordable: Too complex and costly to implement and run, leading to low, no, or negative ROI  

This has been true – until now. Meet Wasabi AiR, the first intelligent media storage specifically engineered with AI auto-tagging capabilities built in. As a managed service, Wasabi AiR combines a pre-built learnings library and custom machine learning capabilities with fast cloud storage to dramatically simplify AI adoption, accelerate ROI, and lower post-production costs. Only Wasabi combines advanced AI tagging with cloud storage, allowing customers to pay for one service while enjoying the benefits of multiple recognition capabilities. Wasabi AiR enables the M&E industry to scale AI tagging and transcriptions affordably, with no ML skills required. `Now you can experience intelligent media storage with the following attributes:

  • Secure: Wasabi AiR-created metadata and custom trainings are owned and controlled by our customers with enterprise-grade physical, data, and account security engineered to protect customers’ IP from unauthorized access, disasters, or accidental deletions.

  • Accurate: All our ML uses state of the art research and training to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. For example Wasabi AiR advanced speech recognition ensures high AI transcription and translation accuracy in over 50 languages.

Experience the seamless efficiency of Wasabi AiR: Harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms, it swiftly scans incoming media upon ingestion, eradicating the tedious hours typically spent on reviewing, tagging, clipping, logging, and categorizing footage. By precisely identifying key moments, it turbocharges post-production workflows by automatically generating a comprehensive index within an advanced media search browser, facilitating fast retrieval, review, and export. What's more, Wasabi AiR goes the extra mile by safeguarding your media with automated access protection and encryption, ensuring utmost security and peace of mind.

Wasabi AiR makes searching a breeze

Our advanced search interface lets you filter by people, things, sounds, logos, text in speech and more. Leverage pre-trained ML models or fine-tune one on your own. Easily manage the data you use to tune the ML models all in one place with no prior ML experience required. Search results automatically appear as timecode-accurate markers on your timeline that can be seamlessly exported to media asset managers (MAMs) or non-linear editing systems (NLE) including iconik, Dalet, CatDV, and Adobe Premiere. The robust and developer friendly Wasabi AiR API also supports flexible JSON data exchange, XML, and CSV data formats.

Wasabi AiR employs the latest state of the art machine learning and other technologies to locate people, sound, text, logos, and objects in digital media:

  • Object and image recognition

  • Logo brand detection

  • Sound recognition 

  • Optical character recognition for over 80 languages

  • Speech-to-text and translation to English for over 50 languages, providing high accuracy even with thick accents

Use Wasabi AiR to compile footage for a clip package

Engineered for media & entertainment use cases

Wasabi artificial intelligence and training data are not an integration of third-party services from AWS, Google, Microsoft, or others. It is Wasabi-owned IP engineered specifically to help M&E organizations quickly and affordably find, store, and access their digital media assets.  Wasabi AiR auto-generates a searchable index, auto-tagged for fast and affordable creation of:

  • Highlight packages

  • Showreels

  • Transcription creation

  • Localized versions

  • News curation  

  • Player scouting and development 

  • Workflow automation


Find exactly what you need with Wasabi AiR's powerful search function

See the difference for yourself 

See the massive difference Wasabi’s all-inclusive, predictable pricing makes versus competitive AI solutions. Hyperscalers charge for media storage, egress, as well as minutes of AI analysis, search queries, and other API requests. With Wasabi you only pay for storage. Find out how much you will save with our AI media storage cost calculator.

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