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Intelligent media storage is here

Combining AI-enabled auto-tagging, intuitive search, and high-performance cloud storage, Wasabi AiR is transforming media management. See for yourself just how smart cloud storage can be for managing your largest content repositories.

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Cloud storage purpose-built for media

Imagine being able to affordably store ALL of your content in the cloud, from raw footage to finished product. Everything securely archived yet immediately accessible at a moment’s notice. Wasabi makes that dream a reality.

Lower your total cost of storage

Cost-effective, predictable pricing without hidden fees allows you to reduce costs and accurately forecast budgets while ensuring plenty of storage capacity for your productions.

Protect your IP

Copies in the cloud are an ideal disaster recovery strategy, while our immutable storage and account security features protect you from ransomware and other cyber threats.

Work smarter, not harder

Streamline your workflows and quickly find and access any moment in every piece of content you store.

Scale seamlessly

Easily add Wasabi to your existing on-prem storage or S3-compatible applications and never worry about running out of capacity again.

The capacity you need to keep on creating

Few industries pose as many storage challenges as media and entertainment. Not only is there more content being produced and consumed than at any other time in history, technological advances, from 8K to stereoscopic VR, are pushing file sizes and storage costs sky-high.

Fortunately, there’s Wasabi.

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Connect with services you already use

Optimizing digital media workflows has never been easier. Enjoy hassle-free deployments and seamless integrations with technology partners you trust.

100% AWS S3 and IAM API compatible.

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Case Study

Accelerating global productions with a centralized cloud

Bunim-Murray Productions leverages Signiant and Wasabi to optimize their digital workflows to produce popular reality shows like The Challenge. Production and post-production works together across geo-diverse locations in a centralized cloud environment.

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Wasabi gives us an excellent cloud experience for minimal cost. We’re able to add terabytes worth of raw media at any given day into the cloud, pay for just what we need, and we know that it’s always quick and easily accessible.

Daniel Shott, director of post technology – Bunim-Murray

Maximize the value of your content by optimizing digital media workflows

Unleash the power of your data, wherever you may be in the cloud.

    Post Production

    Cloud Tiering

    Protect your content with increased cyber resilience

    You can’t afford to lose any raw footage, rough cuts or finished material before the final product is in the can. Nor can you let bad actors target your backups with impunity. It's time to fight back with a fail-safe backup strategy you can rely on for rapid recovery when things go wrong.
    Explore Backup & Recovery

    PCEN Media

    PCEN Media case study

    Video Production

    Active Archiving

    Access your long-term archives

    Are you struggling with the management and cost of an ever-growing archive? Wasabi is faster and simpler than LTO and surprisingly cheaper than cold storage options like AWS S3 Glacier if you access your archive regularly. Why lock your content away when you can access and monetize it with Wasabi?
    Collaboration Media

    Remote Global Access

    Optimize production workflows

    Eliminate storage duplication and physical transfer of files. In post-production, cloud storage enables creative teams to share files, collaborate, even “edit in the cloud.” Storing works-in-progress and archived assets in the cloud streamlines and protects production workflows, and opens you up to a world of new and affordable talent.
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    AI Autotagging

    Breathe new life into old content

    Eliminate time-consuming and ineffective manual media search and tagging efforts. ​Automatically find key moments with time-based metadata from previously unsearchable unstructured data​. Wasabi AiR combines fast media storage, metadata auto-tagging, adaptive learning, and multilingual capabilities with a searchable auto-generated index.
    Wasabi Media Workflows


    Effortless content delivery

    Extend the capacity of your content libraries with a simple and secure cloud that integrates into any MAM environment.​ With Wasabi, publishing mezzanine files to distributors becomes as simple as notifying each distributor that finished content is ready.

    Trusted by champions

    Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is the premier destination for secure, fast, and low-cost sports video storage. It's why the most celebrated names in sports choose Wasabi as their cloud storage partner. 

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