The Top Four Considerations for Your Next Cloud Storage Data Migration

June 27, 2024By Freddie Kelley

Migrating data between cloud service providers can be a real headache with operational, financial, and technical difficulties at every turn. Getting your data out of your original cloud storage is often an uphill battle, with restrictive penalties for egress. When you have to pay to release your own data, it feels like your data isn’t actually your own. Despite, recent attempts by hyperscalers to pilot egress subsidy programs, they’re focusing on retention rather than promoting an open ecosystem for data to travel freely.  

Of course, migration is only half the battle. You’re migrating to solve problems, so you need an endpoint that’s affordable, fast, and provides a secure architecture where you can immediately put your data to work.  

Let’s explore a few key considerations for your migration and everything that comes after:  

During the Migration:  

  1. Accessibility: Your data should never be more than a few clicks away.  

Take advantage of a seamless, browser-based dashboard interface and track job progress and administrative oversight of historical transfers directly in Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager

 2. Performance: Your data shouldn’t take forever to get to where it’s going.  

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager can scan files up to 10x faster than other open-source transfer tools available today. Faster data ingest means that your organization can start using your data with minimal downtime, and with peace of mind knowing your data is safe and retrievable at any time. 


3. Predictability: True data ownership means you should never have to consider the cost to retrieve your own data.  

With a straightforward, no-surprises approach to everything from billing to service reliability and high-speed performance, you’ll never be surprised by what comes at you from Wasabi.  

4. Protection: Whether it's stored in an immutable bucket or in industry compliant storage, your data should always carry the highest level of security available.  

Wasabi takes the hassle out of baseline security with a suite of enterprise-grade tools and features available at no extra cost. That includes tools such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Multi-User Authorization, Object Lock, Server-Side Encryption, and more.  

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager—an intuitive, single pane of glass data management interface—bypasses the high costs and technical hurdles associated with cloud-to-cloud migration. We offer private, direct connections to migrate data from AWS, Azure, and GCP directly to Wasabi. We can help you reduce egress costs and avoid latency and bottlenecks in cloud data migration.   

Whatever the pace or scale of your migration, our team of experts has guided countless others through this very process, and while your data and obstacles might be unique to you, our experts know migration and are ready to help you make the move. Let us empower you to make your own crossing on your own terms to the simpler and more cost-effective solution you’ve been searching for. Get going and submit your migration request today

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