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If doing more with less is the new normal, Wasabi is your new best friend.


A better storage solution for budget-constrained public sector.

IT professionals in the public sector are expected to deliver the same type of innovative new services as the private sector, but with increasingly tighter budgets. Artificial intelligence, big data analytics, smart cities, digital libraries—advanced technology is being embraced at all levels of government. And it’s generating massive amounts of data in the process.

Secure cloud storage provides a cost-effective and scalable alternative to maintaining expensive servers, disk and tape drives. The cloud also enables intra- and inter-agency collaboration and consolidation of resources.

But yesterday’s cloud wasn’t built for today’s idea of big data.

Wasabi Solution

Really big data requires really fast speeds at significantly less cost. Wasabi is up to six times faster than Amazon S3, and just as reliable, but it costs less than Amazon Glacier. And there are no extra fees for PUT, GET, DELETE, and other operations or geographic location.

We call it hot storage. And it’s the next generation of cloud storage.

Imagine freeing up 80% of your current storage spend for other priorities.
What could you do with a public archive that's up to 6x faster than Amazon S3?
U.S. data sovereignty, encryption, and data immutability keep your data secure, private, and protected.

Government and Education Cases

Public sector data is growing exponentially. Not so for government IT budgets. That's why there's Wasabi. Spend less to store your data, and more on innovative ways to use your data.

Item 1

Don’t let storage costs hamper your investigation.

Digital forensics and data analytics continue to shrink the window between crime and capture. Recent advances in video facial recognition, for example, have helped solve time-sensitive cases from child exploitation to the Boston Marathon bombings. These technologies also add expensive new storage requirements to already strained budgets.

Bodycam video alone can cost up to $2 million annually to store

Adding to this storage challenge is the growing use of body-worn cameras, or bodycams. Citing improved transparency and community relations, police officials also acknowledge the significant challenges associated with storing all this video footage. In fact, a recent Police Executive Research Forum report showed that storage costs can reach up to $2 million for a mid-sized department annually.


Secure, inexpensive storage

The cost and impracticality of continually scaling on-premise storage has pushed many IT leaders to explore the cloud. But even active storage  such as Amazon S3 gets expensive. That’s why it’s common practice to archive video in cheaper, slower cold storage services, such as Glacier. Unfortunately, taking hours to access video vital to an investigation has the potential of costing more than money.

Rapid retrieval of data

Wasabi hot storage is up to six times faster than Amazon S3, and costs less than Glacier. The evidence you need is not only seconds away, it cannot be changed or tampered with in any way, guaranteeing chain of custody. In fact, Wasabi storage services were awarded the official CJIS ACE Compliance Seal in accordance with industry-best security models and design practices. Learn more about our CJIS Certification Here.

Item 2

Sharing your history shouldn’t cost you your future.

Public libraries, museums, and universities not only need to digitize and preserve vast collections of historic, scientific and artistic significance. They want to make them available to the public, to educate and inspire new generations.

Traditional cloud storage, a partial solution

To contain costs, current strategies include using low-cost cold storage, such as Amazon’s Glacier, for archiving and long-term backup of archive digital, audio and video assets. Access to smaller collections is then made available to the public using more expensive service tiers, such as Amazon S3.


What if you could share it all?

With Wasabi, you don’t have to decide what to lock away and what to share. That’s because Wasabi Hot Storage is up to 6x faster than Amazon S3, yet costs less than Glacier. So, you can preserve your heritage, and your IT budget, while investing in your community’s future. Learn more about Wasabi’s FERPA Compliance here.

Item 3

A backup plan that will run circles around your primary storage.

The public sector is challenged not only with the storage of massive amounts of personal information and other data, but particularly long data retention periods. Secure cloud-based storage helps reduce costs, increase scale, and is ideal for consolidating intra-agency and inter-agency data.

An active archive for less than the cost of cold storage

With Wasabi’s universal hot storage, there are no storage tiers, so no need to consider what to archive and what data you may need to access quickly. So why pay for slow, cold storage solutions like Amazon Glacier, when you can store everything in Wasabi for less money, and access your data in seconds, not hours.


Data sovereignty and military-grade encryption

All Wasabi data centers are on U.S. soil and managed by U.S. citizens. Our partnership with CloudBerry offers unsurpassed data management simplicity and security, providing military-grade encryption and customer-controlled keys. And the ability to manage files in the cloud as you would on local computers makes disaster recovery simple as well as cost effective. Wasabi immutable buckets further safeguards your data from accidental deletions, bugs, hackers, and malware.

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