What is Scalability?

In regards to cloud computing, “scalability” refers to the cloud’s ability to automatically process and grow to accommodate the ever-changing storage needs of today’s data-packed companies. For forward-thinking businesses, cloud computing has become an incredibly popular data storage solution because of its scalability. Organizations that are leveraging the cloud now have a much more streamlined way to store their data free from the massive investments and manual labor involved with older methods like LTO tape and NAS.

Big scalability solutions for big Data requirements

Wasabi was designed to make mass data storage as simple as possible, and it’s an exceptionally cost-efficient option when it comes to scalability. In fact, Wasabi reduces average TCO, accelerates time-to-value, and increases automation. In addition, Wasabi’s massive scalability for big data and the cloud makes it ideal for a wide variety of use cases, including web apps, archiving, backup, unstructured data, and much more.

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