Big Data

What is big data?

Since the advent of personal computers, smart devices, and the internet, there's been an explosion in the amount of data generated on a daily basis. "big data" refers to the collection of all this data, as well as our ability to leverage it to meet modern business demands.

A cloud storage solution built for big data

While we’re producing lots of data today, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming. That's because some of the greatest contributors to the data output of the next 50 years will be from industries that are still in their infancy today. As the years pass, an organization’s ability to compete will increasingly depend on its ability to mine ever-growing datasets for valuable insights.

Cloud object storage, with its extreme capacity and elasticity, is ideal for addressing big data storage requirements. The problem, however, is that many cloud storage tiers can get very expensive, while low-cost storage options are simply too slow to provide much value. With pricing that’s 80% less expensive than major competitors - and performance that’s much faster - Wasabi is the perfect fit for big data storage requirements. Wasabi is also secure and infinitely scalable, making it even more ideal for the management and analysis of Big Data whether today, tomorrow or decades from now.

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