Multi-Cloud Strategy

What is a Multi-Cloud Strategy?

A multi-cloud strategy is the strategic use of more than one cloud provider. Usually, a multi-cloud strategy consists of two or more public clouds, but it can also be a combination of private and public clouds.

Why consider a multi-cloud strategy?

Because different departments, use cases and applications may have different requirements, a multi-cloud strategy provides flexibility in selecting the right cloud for the right job. Using a multi-cloud will protect your company and its data in the rare instance that one of the clouds fails. It also provides you the safety of not being locked into any single cloud vendor, held ransom by their business model and the hidden fees that make up so many of the big names in public cloud computing. You can use Wasabi hot cloud storage as part of a multi-cloud implementation to improve choice and avoid vendor lock-in. Wasabi offers direct private or public network connectivity to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other popular IaaS and PaaS platforms through partnerships with leading colocation, carrier hotel and exchange providers like Equinix, Flexential and Limelight Networks.