Egress Charges

What are egress charges?

Most leading cloud providers allow their customers to input data into the cloud for free. However, when that data is retrieved from the cloud, these providers will then charge large fees; this is what's known as a data egress.

What does Wasabi think of egress charges?

Egress charges have long been one of the biggest inhibitors to companies wanting to move their data into (and out of) the cloud, and that’s because these charges make it virtually impossible to predict how much money will actually be spent to effectively manage data. While all the other leading object storage vendors still charge their customers to retrieve data from storage, Wasabi has made it a point to eliminate all egress fees. By getting rid of all these and other hidden charges that are all-too-commonly associated with cloud storage, we’re helping to increase transparency for our customers, while eliminating unpredictable, frustrating, and complex access expenses.

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