Overcoming Cloud Cost Anxiety with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

August 14, 2023By Robert Callaghan

Range anxiety

In the journey towards a greener future, electric cars offer a promising solution, but concerns persist about range limitations, charging locations, charging costs, and weather-induced impacts. Range anxiety, driven by fears of running out of battery power, remains a significant challenge for potential EV owners, despite advancements in battery technology. But unexpected and unpredictable factors such as weather conditions, hilly terrain, and using features like heating or air conditioning can further affect the real-world range of electric vehicles. Additionally, anxiety arises from the availability and reliability of charging stations, with congestion in urban areas and limited coverage in remote regions. That said, driving an electric car can introduce uncertainty and stress in ways never experienced before.

Just as electric cars can cause range anxiety for potential owners, cloud cost anxiety is a growing concern for businesses and organizations that rely heavily on cloud services, particularly from hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). While cloud services offers numerous benefits in terms of scalability and flexibility, the complex pricing models, especially with additional fees such as egress and API usage charges, can lead to unpredictable and escalating expenses.

Cloud uncertainty breeds cloud anxiety

Hyperscalers like AWS often charge for data egress, which is the transfer of data out of their cloud environment. This can be a significant concern for businesses that regularly move large volumes of data between the cloud and their on-premises infrastructure or other cloud providers. The egress fees can quickly add up and, in some cases, equal or even surpass the actual cloud object storage cost. Such unpredictability makes it challenging for businesses to budget for their cloud expenses accurately and can lead to unexpected financial strain.

Moreover, API (Application Programming Interface) usage fees contribute to cloud cost anxiety. Many cloud services charge based on the number of API calls made, and if an application or service relies heavily on APIs, the costs can escalate rapidly. This can be particularly problematic for businesses with dynamic workloads or those experiencing sudden spikes in demand. The uncertainty around API usage costs can break a carefully planned budget, potentially leading to financial difficulties.

Over a year, these unpredictable expenses from egress and API usage fees can double or even triple a business's S3 object storage bill, causing significant financial strain and impacting overall operations. Just as range anxiety can deter potential electric car owners, cloud cost anxiety can make businesses hesitant to fully embrace cloud services and instead opt for on-premises solutions that may not offer the same scalability and flexibility.

Alleviating anxiety with Wasabi

The solution to address the financial and budgeting challenges associated with cloud cost anxiety, particularly concerning egress and API usage fees, is turning to the new breed of cloud storage providers like Wasabi. Wasabi is known for its simple and predictable pricing model, which can help businesses gain control over their cloud expenses and eliminate the uncertainty caused by egress and API charges.

Unlike some hyperscalers, here at Wasabi we charge for the storage you use (a flat fee per terabyte (TB)), and there are no added costs for data egress or API calls. Our straightforward pricing approach enables businesses to accurately budget their cloud storage needs without worrying about unexpected and escalating costs due to data movement or API usage.

By adopting Wasabi's flat-rate pricing, businesses can know that their cloud storage expenses will remain consistent and predictable, regardless of how frequently data is accessed or moved. This stability allows organizations to plan their budgets more effectively and allocate resources without being burdened by unpredictable cloud cost fluctuations.

Furthermore, Wasabi keeps performance and reliability intact. It offers a high-speed, secure (S3 Object Lock for Immutable Data Backups) and durable cloud storage service that can meet the demands of various applications and workloads. This makes it a compelling choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective and dependable cloud storage solution without the complexities associated with variable pricing structures.

To wrap this up, I believe that cloud cost anxiety is a genuine concern for businesses, but there's a solution that can effectively address it. Embracing cloud storage providers like Wasabi, with our flat-rate pricing model can eliminate the uncertainties caused by egress and API usage fees. By choosing a more transparent and predictable pricing approach, businesses can confidently leverage the advantages of cloud storage without the fear of exceeding their budgets. This promotes a more seamless and financially sound cloud experience, allowing you to focus on your core operations with peace of mind.

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