Cloud Computing Elasticity

What is cloud computing elasticity?

In cloud computing, elasticity refers to a system’s ability to continuously adapt to constantly shifting workload, storage, and data requirements through the provisioning (or, in some cases, the deprovisioning) of various pooled resources. In other words, it’s a program’s ability to resize itself to support the on-the-fly needs of an organization’s storage requirements.

Efficient & effective cloud elasticity from Wasabi

With the world churning out an immense 2.5 exabytes of new data every single day, it’s no longer just an option; businesses need dependable and affordable elasticity from their cloud service providers if they hope to keep up with modern demands. Wasabi’s cloud object storage is ideal for this sort of growth, providing businesses of all sizes with unlimited elasticity and endless storage capacity designed to solve even the biggest of big data storage problems. In addition, Wasabi’s pricing for these types of services is up to 80% less expensive than other leading providers, all while providing faster performance and infinitely scalable - and secure - durability.

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