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Move your school’s data to Wasabi at a fraction of the cost of the hyperscalers with all of the protection.

Schools commonly suffer from low budgets and a need to store vast amounts of data and video. In order to be competitive, hyperscale cloud providers approach schools with offers for free or reduced cost services for an [unlimited] period of time. In times of budget constraints, free anything sounds like a no-brainer. Who doesn’t like free stuff? 

But hyperscalers provide those free or reduced cost services for a good reason. The “allowances” given out by cloud-providers discourage educational organizations from controlling costs early. This is where hyperscale clouds reach into your wallet and take out all your money.

When the cloud prices go up, the educational organization is firmly entrenched, with few options: Increase next year’s budget? Raise fees? Restrict the amounts and types of data the institution stores?

The Hot Cloud Storage Guide to Stretching your Higher Education IT Budget

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What to do?

If your organization is taking advantage of “free” or “discounted” services, keep an eye on what the cost “would be”. This will let you know what to expect when time is up and the bill comes due. Don’t assume that there is some magic re-engineering that you can do in the future that will allow you to be more storage efficient. Data grows. You are unlikely to be more efficient in the future than you are now.

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Data adds up fast in education. Paying 80% more to store your data does not.


Speed up your research with an active archive that’s faster than the competition.


Protect your data from mishaps and hackers with FERPA-compliant data durability and immutability.


Say goodbye to complicated storage tiers and hidden costs.


Scale with the only cloud storage with no charge for egress or API requests.

What comes next?

If you think that your organization is heading for a cloud budget mess due to impending increases in prices and want to do something about it, consider a multi-cloud approach using Wasabi hot cloud storage. We can help to plan your migration. Wasabi engineers can recommend the best ways to minimize egress frees, avoid disruption, and make the process as smooth as possible.

Why Wasabi?

The majority of the Ivy League uses Wasabi because they know they can save money while protecting their data. Schools are looking for affordable cloud storage services that won’t nickel-and-dime them with unpredictable charges for network transportation, data retrieval, and a half dozen other mystery “cloud operations” fees. Wasabi provides a cloud storage platform that meets these needs.

Wasabi doesn’t charge the egress or API request fees that have become so pervasive among cloud storage providers. Wasabi bills its customers based on the storage that they consume, without the hidden fees.

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What if your school could store ALL of it’s data in the cloud affordably?

NOW IT CAN. Wasabi is here to guide your school through its migration to the enterprise cloud and to work with your teams to determine which cloud storage strategy is right for your higher educational organization.