Announcing Our Newest Sales Certification! Wasabi for Video Surveillance

November 13, 2023By Daniel Collins

Traditionally, video surveillance data storage was primarily located on the end user’s premises. But as we see the concept of video surveillance expand beyond common use cases due to rapid technology innovation, the video surveillance space has morphed into a complex data management environment. Storage Administrators are no longer required for managing owned storage since less storage is owned and operated in-house. End users are constantly looking to their security integrators for new solutions to relieve the complexity of day-to-day storage management while lowering their total cost of ownership.  

As the video surveillance space once saw the transition from analog cameras to IP – the shift from on-prem to cloud is well underway.  

At Wasabi, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by our partners when it comes to selling cloud storage in the video surveillance space. The scalability of video surveillance systems has become essential for business and infrastructure worldwide. Therefore, the need for secure, cost-effective, and high-performing data storage is paramount. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest sales certification “Wasabi for Video Surveillance.  

Learning Track

Wasabi for Video Surveillance

Get Certified

By leveraging the Wasabi for Video Surveillance Sales Certification, you will receive the knowledge to confidently provide your customers with a simple and scalable hybrid-cloud storage solution for their video footage, whether it’s for security, compliance, or data analysis.  

What does the certification include? 

  • Approaching cloud for video surveillance – breaking down the market, different storage models, how to address it with your customers 

  • In-depth training on the features, benefits, and best practices for using and reselling Wasabi Surveillance Cloud  

  • Sales and marketing resources to help effectively communicate the value of Wasabi’s Cloud Storage solutions for video surveillance data 

Get started in 3 easy steps 

Step 1: Complete all the modules in the Learning Path (estimated time 1 hour total)  

Step 2: Pass the Quiz!  (15 Questions – hint, all the answers are in the Learning Path!) 

Step 3:  Receive your badge and share on social media 

Upon completion of the Sales Learning Track and Certification Quiz, you will receive your Wasabi Sales Certified Professional logo to use in your email signature and, of course, for social media. 

As the physical security sector evolves and grows, so must our tools and strategies. Stay ahead of the curve and offer your clients the best solutions in cloud storage for video surveillance data. Join us in becoming an official “Wasabi for Video Surveillance” partner today! 

To get started with our latest certification, or visit the Wasabi partner portal today.   

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