How Cloud Storage is Revolutionizing Video Surveillance

July 25, 2023By Ben Bonadies

From retail outlets and corporations to traffic systems and law enforcement agencies, video surveillance plays an integral role in maintaining public safety. For so many industries, reliance on video surveillance has become a cornerstone of safety management. 

But understanding the importance of video surveillance goes beyond its primary purpose of security. In fact, it serves as a proactive measure to prevent accidents, can be used as a tool for quality control, and serve as a critical source of evidence when required. Whether it is to ensure compliance in a manufacturing plant or manage foot traffic in a retail store, surveillance systems are an indispensable tool. 

Yet video surveillance comes with its own unique set of challenges. Traditionally, video data has been stored in on-premises hardware devices. This kind of system isn't just expensive to install and maintain, it is also inflexible. Storage capacities can be quickly outstripped by growing data volumes, forcing the mass deletion of surveillance footage as a space-saving tactic.  

On-premise storage presents significant limitations, particularly for industries that operate on a large scale or have multiple locations. Upgrading storage capacity is costly and time-consuming, and the risk of data loss or corruption is ever-present. On top of this, the energy costs for operating and handling servers add an additional strain on resources. 

The advent of cloud storage has revolutionized the way industries approach video surveillance data. The act of archiving video footage in the cloud brings to the table a constellation of benefits that traditional on-premise systems simply can't match. Its offerings of scalability, flexibility, and accessibility make it a pragmatic and advantageous solution for enterprises, irrespective of their scale. 

A scalable and flexible solution 

The scalability and flexibility of cloud storage have become game-changers in video surveillance data management. With the sheer volume of video data generated every second, the limits of on-premise storage systems quickly become apparent. In contrast, cloud storage effortlessly scales to accommodate growing amounts of data. 

Cloud storage enables users to effortlessly adjust their storage capacity in response to their current needs. During periods of high data generation, capacity can be increased, and when less storage is needed, it can be reduced. This kind of elasticity prevents unnecessary expenses on unused storage space without any concern for the devices filling up, both common problems with on-premise solutions. 

There are several factors contributing to the rapid expansion of surveillance data. The first is the increased video quality. As technology advances, cameras are producing higher-resolution footage, resulting in larger file sizes. Additionally, many industries have extended video retention policies due to regulatory or operational requirements, meaning more data is stored for longer periods. Moreover, the proliferation of cameras, particularly in sectors like retail, transportation, and city surveillance, only adds to the data burden on surveillance systems. 

Recognizing these realities, cloud storage emerges as a far more practical and cost-effective solution to manage the continuous inflow of video surveillance data. The scalability and flexibility offered by cloud storage, specifically with a provider like Wasabi, can keep pace with these ever-evolving demands, eliminating the constraints of on-premise storage. It is an approach tailored to fit the expansive and dynamic nature of today’s surveillance landscape

Embracing cost-effectiveness with cloud storage 

In addition to its scalability and flexibility, the cost-effectiveness of cloud storage for video surveillance has made it a preferred choice for businesses across various sectors. The traditional on-premise storage systems, laden with high upfront costs related to hardware installation, can be entirely eliminated when storing data directly to the cloud. 

When considering on-premise storage, businesses need to account not only for the initial hardware cost but also the subsequent expense of periodic upgrades, regular maintenance, and eventual expansions as data needs increase. This continuous cycle of investment can prove to be economically draining for many organizations. In contrast, cloud storage offers an economical alternative by offloading storage to the cloud, making capacity increases and tech upgrades virtually seamless and far less costly.  

Among the top cost advantages of cloud storage lies in its pricing model. Many providers offer pay-as-you-go pricing. This eliminates the need for over-provisioning storage to handle potential future growth, thereby reducing waste and further saving costs. 

Wasabi understands the varying needs of its clients. That is why it not only offers the traditional pay-as-you-go pricing model but also offers Reserved Capacity Storage. This allows customers to purchase storage capacity upfront for a period of one, three, or five-year terms. By eliminating high upfront costs and reducing the price of upgrades, while providing scalable, flexible, and pay-as-you-go pricing options, Wasabi is making video surveillance storage more accessible and affordable than ever before. 

Enhanced security  

A chief concerns when dealing with any form of data—especially sensitive surveillance footage—is security. Cloud storage platforms like Wasabi are designed to offer robust protection measures that meet the stringent requirements of today's digital landscape. 

One of the innovative security features offered by Wasabi is its immutable buckets. This functionality ensures that once data is written to the Wasabi cloud, it cannot be altered or deleted until the end of the user-specified retention period. It acts as a safeguard against accidental deletions, overwrites, and malicious activity, which is particularly crucial for surveillance footage that might be needed as legal evidence. 

Moreover, the embrace of cloud storage can provide businesses with a strategic edge in meeting industry-specific regulations. A host of industries uphold rigorous data security norms, and any deviation could lead to hefty sanctions. Wasabi’s cloud storage offerings are tailored to cater to a spectrum of compliance requirements including FERPA, HIPAA, and CJIS. 

Expanding reach with remote access 

Among the key boons of cloud storage in the realm of video surveillance lies in its capacity for remote accessibility. In today’s hyperconnected era, the luxury of yesterday has become a must-have today—seamless access to data from anywhere, at any time. 

Entrusting surveillance footage to the cloud puts the power to instantly tap into that data from any internet-enabled device is at your fingertips. This universal access means that no matter where you are, the ability to monitor live feeds, revisit archived footage, or distribute specific video files is always within reach, positioning cloud storage as an indispensable ally for real-time supervision and incident management. 

Why Wasabi is the right solution 

Wasabi stands apart as the top solution for video surveillance data storage. And a key distinguishing feature is Wasabi's ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems through a hybrid approach.  

Most organizations and large enterprises have made substantial investments in on-premise servers for video surveillance. Recognizing this reality, Wasabi has crafted a unique solution. Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is a bundled solution that is designed to effortlessly connect existing Video Management Systems (VMS) with Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage. The industry-first solution automatically tiers surveillance footage to Wasabi, extending the capacity of existing storage hardware without sacrificing accessibility.  

Unlike many cloud storage providers, Wasabi does not charge egress or API request fees. This eliminates hidden costs and gives customers the assurance of a predictable billing cycle. Furthermore, Wasabi's pricing structure is highly competitive, providing unparalleled affordability. 

Above all, Wasabi ensures powerful security for video surveillance data. With features like immutable buckets and compliance-ready storage solutions, customers can trust that their data is well-protected in Wasabi’s hands. 

By offering a unique hybrid approach that extends the life of existing on-premise systems, providing low-cost, predictable storage without hidden fees, and ensuring powerful security, Wasabi rises as an unmatched cloud storage solution for video surveillance. Embrace the endless affordability, instant accessibility, and uncompromising security of Wasabi to revolutionize your surveillance data management. 

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