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May 2, 2023By Ben Bonadies

Every year, the NAB show never fails to blow us away. We're constantly inspired by the attendees with incredible talent and vendors showcasing innovative technologies that both push our industry forward.

This year, Wasabi was honored to be awarded a New Product of the Year trophy for Cloud Sync Manager. Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager (WCSM) makes it easy for customers to migrate their data from any cloud storage provider, as well as replicate buckets between Wasabi regions.

There are plenty of reasons to move your data: skyrocketing costs, unpredictable pricing, security, and performance issues. As we learned from our M&E Cloud Storage Index Report, over half of respondents exceeded their cloud storage budgets last year. And in over half of these cases, the culprit was storage fees. In fact, 49% of an M&E cloud storage bill is allocated to storage fees.

With these statistics in mind, it’s no mystery why the media and entertainment industry has embraced Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager. Cloud storage pricing can be difficult to understand, especially to new users. Those charges that seem microscopic at first add up fast and organizations can quickly find themselves underwater and wondering how they got themselves into such a mess. It’s for situations like this that we created Cloud Sync Manager: to help organizations escape the unpredictable hyperscalers and toward a simple, affordable, scalable cloud storage service. The best part? Users don’t pay for the migration, nor will they incur any egress costs. That’s right, you can move your storage library to Wasabi at virtually no cost.

Learn more about Cloud Sync Manager and give the award-winning product a try for yourself!

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