The Benefits of Object Replication

April 13, 2023By Ben Bonadies

There’s an old saying in the Navy that goes “One is none and two is one.” It's an unwritten law of the universe that any equipment vital to your mission is bound to fail. Carrying just one piece of critical gear is only tempting it to become damaged or lost or malfunction at the wrong moment, leaving you up the creek without a paddle. Seasoned Naval veterans know to carry a second paddle. Two is one.  

The adage has been roundly adopted by the IT world where system failures are to be counted on as a fact of life. Creating backup copies of essential data became the norm. If you want something to last, make two of it.  

In cloud object storage, the easiest and most effective way to follow this rule is through object replication. Object replication allows customers to copy objects from a storage bucket in a one region to a different bucket in another. It’s a simple way to always ensure access to your data regardless of geographic availability, or increase your organization’s overall data security in compliance with industry and government standards.  

This is why Wasabi is thrilled to share that object replication is now simpler than ever. For the first time, Wasabi customers can run object replication jobs directly from the Wasabi console. The process can be done in minutes and takes only a few clicks to get started. This video tutorial breaks down exactly how it’s done. 

In the spirit of making object replication more accessible, here are the top three reasons to use Wasabi object replication.  

Security and Compliance 

As the Navy taught us, you can't count on anything unless you have two of it. The same is true of your data. A second “golden” copy ensures your data will remain available if the first copy should become compromised. Keeping the two copies geo-dispersed gives them even greater resilience should one data center become unavailable.  

Some government and industry compliance standards require the multiple copies of crucial data: medical records, criminal evidence, and police body cam footage. Object replication makes the duplication of this data simple and keeps users in good standing of compliance qualifications.  

Close Collaboration 

Location, location, location. The number one rule in real estate is also true in cloud storage. Though it may seem like the cloud is everywhere you are, the closer you are to your data center the faster you’ll be able to access it.  

For frequently accessed data, teams need to be able to access their data immediately. In a media production scenario, where footage originates in one location and is sent to another to be edited, replication can be used to grant edit teams faster access while preserving a golden copy in the cloud closer to the source.  

Free to Use 

Wasabi’s object replication feature is complimentary for all Wasabi customers. As always with Wasabi, there are no fees for API operations or data egress. Users only pay for the additional storage. The lower barrier to entry is meant to encourage users to protect their data with replication.  

Object replication capabilities have long been at the front of our customers' wish lists. We granted their wishes with the launch of Wasabi object replication.

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