Extra Protection, Extra Performance. No Extra Fees.

Easily replicate data across Wasabi storage regions and pay only for the capacity you use. 

What is Wasabi Object Replication?

Our object replication feature enables customers to easily copy objects from a storage bucket in one Wasabi region to a bucket in another Wasabi region on the same continent.  

It’s also free! No transfer costs or API request fees. Pay only for the additional storage you need. 

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Drive your DR strategy

Avoid accidental data loss, protect against geographical outages, and keep a “golden copy” of data preserved while granting access to copies. 

Meet compliance

Adhere to governmental and industry requirements for data protection and replication. 

Minimize latency

Maintain additional copies in regions closer to where the data will be used. Bidirectional sync capability means your data will always be up to date, no matter where you update it. 

wasabi console view of object replication

Gain peace of mind with robust cloud object storage

Run object replication jobs directly from the Wasabi console. We make it easy to configure storage parameters, set up workflows, and move data between storage buckets with a streamlined user interface. 

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