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Video Surveillance Data is Growing Exponentially

As video surveillance systems become more technologically advanced, the more important it becomes for companies to be mindful of how they manage their data, and make sure it’s stored in a way that’s flexible, reliable and secure. By combining on-prem and cloud technology organizations can maintain their current VMS setup locally and reap the benefits of the cost-efficient cloud while never running out of storage capacity.

surveillance hybrid cloud storage

The Hybrid Approach

In a hybrid cloud solution, organizations use a combination of both on-premises and cloud technology, mixing and matching as best suits their goals and requirements. This is a great fit for those that are still content with their current on-premises deployment but wish to curtail the purchase of replacement or additional on-premises infrastructure and send older video data to the cloud. Although the majority of the video may never be needed, corporate policy and legal regulations can require retention for longer periods of time and while maintaining quick retrieval of video.

Combining Your Choice of Intelligent Video Monitoring Technology with Bottomless Cloud Storage

Disruptive Cost Savings

At 80% less than AWS S3, store more video for longer at much lower cost. Receive pay-as-you grow scalability and ensure no hidden fees for moving data in and out of the cloud.

Industry-leading Performance

Gain instant accessibility to video files with speeds faster than the competition, without worrying about complex tiers that take hours for retrieval

Trusted Data Security

Configure storage buckets to be immutable for a user defined retention period. Video files written to that bucket cannot be altered in any way

Ensured Regulatory Compliance

An adherence to major industry compliance standards gives you the peace of mind to store your video in a secure and compliant manner

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

The expanding use of digital forensics, dashboard and body-worn cameras (bodycams) are adding significantly to law enforcement’s storage burden. With this rising tsunami of data, even large metropolitan and state police departments are turning to the proven cost-savings of the cloud.

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How Cannabis Organizations Can Comply with Local Regulations

Cannabis is gaining prominence for both medicinal and recreational use in the United States. To help facility owners protect their stores and grow operations, states require all cannabis operations and dispensaries to maintain effective video surveillance systems with specific retention periods.

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