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Let’s keep it simple for storing your complex data.

Scientists are doing amazing things to better understand and help solve the world’s challenges. Leveraging new advancements in technology, they’re also generating a mind-numbing amount of data. Data that, in many instances, they struggle to keep.

Only recently CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research and home to the Large Hadron Collider, announced that its data center passed the 200 Petabyte mark for tape storage—and it desperately needs more space.

That’s where cloud storage can be a real boon to the scientific community. It offers virtually unlimited capacity to store and share data, along with the requisite security research teams expect.

Wasabi Solution

When cost, performance, and ease of use are key considerations, consider Wasabi. Compared to Amazon S3, Google and Azure, Wasabi is as low as 80 percent cheaper and up to 6x faster. We also make storage simple with no complicated tiering. One price, one solution. And thanks to Wasabi’s immutable buckets, you’ll never lose vital research to accidental deletions or changes. Store, access and share data more quickly, with the same level of security as S3. Already have S3? Wasabi is 100% bit-compatible with S3, enabling you to easily use Wasabi as a second-copy backup. For starters, anyway.

Research petabytes add up quickly. Why pay 5x more to store them?
Up to 6x faster performance means more time researching, and less time waiting for your data.
Guard critical research from mishaps, hackers, and thieves with immutable buckets.

Scientific Research Cases

Whether you're smashing atoms or mapping the night's sky, scientific research gives new meaning to the words big data. Find out why Wasabi is the best cloud storage solution for data-hungry research teams. It may be your greatest discovery yet.

Item 1

One telescope generates 30 terabytes of data every night.

With scientific teams the world over relying on massive radio astronomy systems like the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), super-sized particle accelerators and other breakthrough technology, data collection has simply exploded. Even smaller research firms use UHD video, 3D imaging, electron microscopy and other equipment to generate data-intensive files for their projects. On-premise storage space goes quickly.

To the cloud, but at what cost?

Clearly, cloud storage is an appealing solution. And there are many options available. Most providers offer a low entry price, but then complicate things with multiple storage tiers (and escalating price points), plus extra fees for data transfers and transactions, even geographic location. For research teams with limited funds but huge storage needs, there has to be an easier, more affordable alternative.


Save big on storage—and access research faster!

Wasabi is different than other offerings. We believe cloud storage should be viewed as a utility with a flat, low pricing model that you can budget with the other services used to run your research. That’s why Wasabi is 80% cheaper than S3, as well as up to 6x faster. So, not only can you store more data with Wasabi at a much lower price, you can share research and collaborate with colleagues to accelerate results.

Item 2

When research expands exponentially by users and petabytes.

The trend now for many scientific research organizations is to open up their virtual labs and provide researchers worldwide fast access to the insights they’ve gathered—all in the spirit of collaboration and advancing science.

The European Open Science Cloud takes this concept to a whole new level bringing together leading research institutes, funding agencies and policy makers to create the largest shared data repository in history. Imagine the storage challenge of supporting 1.7 million researchers and their multi-petabyte files.

A question of scale and performance

Now your collaboration efforts may not measure up to Europe’s consortium, but it’s still important that researchers have quick access to volumes of data and can share their own findings in a timely manner.


Hot Storage at the Speed of Science

Wasabi keeps pace with science by exceeding the performance metrics of other cloud storage services—up to 6x faster. When you combine this speed with low cost, data protection and security, cloud storage becomes a significant asset to research, not an impediment.

Item 3

Data accumulates over time. Why pay more for safe, secure storage?

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider took 30 years to build and has been generating data for nearly 10 years. For most organizations, scientific research is a steady, prolonged process that requires flexible, expandable storage of collected data. Researchers need to know files are safe and accessible when they need them.

Protection you can trust

With Wasabi cloud storage, you’re assured of eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability with ACL-based user authentication, and AES 256 encryption of data at rest. And we were one of the first cloud providers with immutable buckets, protecting your research data from hackers, accidental deletions, or theft.

Simple, low-cost storage as long as you need it

As research focus changes and older data becomes less important, you may need to move files around. With other storage solutions, this means dealing with complicated tiers and pricing schemes. Who has time for that? Wasabi makes it easy to manage your data with one low cost for all your storage needs. Same performance, same security, same peace of mind.

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