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Don’t let capacity issues get in the way of telling a good story.


The show must go on, but at what price for storage?

Few industries pose as many storage challenges as media and entertainment (M&E). Video quality continues to evolve creating immersive, life-like experiences. And file sizes of mammoth proportions. Competition is fierce, too, with more content providers–and channels to distribute that content–than ever before. How quickly production teams can store, retrieve and collaborate on projects, and do it affordably, will help determine their success.

Little wonder that cloud storage for the M&E market is expected to explode in the coming years. Analyst Coughlin Associates forecasts growth to increase 25x between 2015 and 2021. From 5K PBs to over 130K PBs!

Wasabi Solution

Wasabi provides the flexibility to keep all your massive files—from raw footage for editing to digitized libraries for distribution—in one place at one low price. How low? Compared to Amazon S3, Wasabi is 80% cheaper. Plus, it’s up to 6x faster, so you can work faster to meet critical deadlines with the same level of durability and security you expect. And unlike Amazon S3, Wasabi uses immutable buckets, so you’ll never lose files to accidental deletions, changes, or ransomware.

Petabytes add up in M&E. Paying 5x more to store them does not.
Up to 6x faster performance means more time editing and producing, and less time waiting for your files.
Immutable buckets protect your valuable content from accidental changes, deletions, or ransomware.

Media and Entertainment Cases

Imagine the new services and revenue streams that await when you don't have to worry about the high price of high-speed storage. That's why Wasabi is primed to be your cloud storage star.

Item 1

One hour of raw footage shot in Ultra HD uses almost 7 TB of storage.

File sizes and volume become more staggering when you include multi-camera capture used in developing VR and now augmented reality (AR) content. The hard reality is that no matter what video format production and post-production companies choose to create their magic, they have enormous storage requirements. Upwards of multiple petabytes for just one feature-length movie.

Fixed budgets and tight deadlines

While many M&E companies see the value of taking the load off their own networks and moving files to the cloud, the costs can still be exorbitant. Compounding the challenge is the editing and rendering of effects that’s required to finish a project. Teams need a platform to collaborate quickly and efficiently, often globally, to shorten timelines.


Reduce costs and produce faster

Enter Wasabi. Not only is our cloud storage solution 80% cheaper than S3, we’re up to 6x faster enabling editors to work more quickly when sharing iterations, accelerating the overall creative process. Production is wrapped up in record time. And, because you never know how the final piece will be received, you can still keep all the raw footage securely in the cloud for later revisions.

Item 2

When a story breaks, know you can produce content on the fly.

News and media outlets live for the moment. As such, their sites—and storage needs—go through measurable peaks and valleys. Today’s hot story may generate a million views; tomorrow, hardly any at all. Rather than add to their own infrastructure to support data-intensive videos with varying traffic demands, more companies are looking to the cloud to offload the capacity burden.

The need for speed and responsiveness

Because news happens at a second’s notice, production teams need fast access to newly shot video as well as archived footage. Files need to be shared, edited and posted as quickly as possible—preferably before the competition. The cloud provides a cost-effective platform to collaborate on multiple stories, simultaneously, but can it keep up the pace?


Newsflash: There is a faster cloud solution

When time is of the essence in retrieving and updating large news files, Wasabi is not only 80% cheaper than S3 but up to 6x faster! And like S3, Wasabi provides reliable security and durability with the flexibility to be used as you need it. Take advantage of Wasabi’s immutable buckets, as well, to prevent accidental deletions or stop hackers from holding your critical files hostage.

Item 3

What’s in store for your vast library of digital assets?

Nearly all broadcasters and studios save their many shows, sporting events and films. How they manage storage is where it gets tricky–and archaic. Some continue to rely on optical disks or tapes stored in an offsite location. Others use a storage area network (SAN), which adds infrastructure and still relies on disk arrays and physical storage space. Need a TV series from the ‘90s to syndicate? That could take a while.

Cloud storage to the rescue

The cloud changes the game in digital asset management (DAM) and archiving. Highly scalable to support a full library of files sized at 100 petabytes and more, cloud storage provides secure, instant access to the content you need, when you need it.


Be nimble with hot storage

Wasabi takes cloud storage and archiving to the next level. You want to react faster to industry trends and production demands? Wasabi is up to 6x faster than Amazon S3. You still need to watch the bottom line? Wasabi is 80% cheaper than S3. Heck, it even costs less than Amazon Glacier, their slowest and cheapest storage tier. Plus, with Wasabi’s immutable buckets, you have peace of mind knowing that files will not be lost, deleted, altered or hacked in any way.

Item 4

Think of it as a “media sandbox” where creative-types can play.

The thought of studios and production companies storing B-roll, outtakes, auditions, half-finished projects and any other video assets on their network is unrealistic, if not cost prohibitive. The files are simply too large and, for all intents and purposes, worthless. But are they?

For writers, directors and producers alike—particularly those looking for a creative spark—there is value in culling through resource libraries to develop new projects. It’s a luxury few organizations can afford, yet one that can enrich, even expedite innovation and program development.

Opportunity in the cloud

Of course, with the cloud, it’s now more feasible and practical to store unused videos, animations, 3D renderings and more. Scalable, flexible and secure, the cloud presents a viable option for companies that want to offer their teams such a vast repository of files—and ideas.


Go further with hot storage

Cloud solutions like S3 have opened the door for M&E companies to extend their file storage. Now there’s a next-generation alternative that’s 80% cheaper—and up to 6x faster. Wasabi also makes it simple. There are no complicated storage tiers and confusing pricing models. Store all your digital assets in one place for one flat rate. Just like a utility.

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